Can I Pee with a Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is thoughtfully designed for providing flexibility during period days. With the use of feminine hygiene products, you can get rid away from odour and unwanted bloodstains. Despite regular pads, a menstrual cup offers you to live without stress with heavy flows. However, learning to use a menstrual cup is not that difficult, but dealing with urination with a cup can be difficult.

For beginners, it is hard to find an alternate while using a cup if they have urine problems. Every female should know that a female has three opening holes in the lowermost of the intestinal area. The three include the vagina, the urethra and anus. There are two different holes for collecting leakage and for releasing urine. The menstrual cup that you used to insert into the vaginal opening while the urethra is for peeping.

They both have different ways, thus you can pee with a menstrual cup without interference. But sometimes use of a menstrual cup during heavy flows may cause rash and itchiness, and you won’t able to handle the cup while peeing. In such a situation, you can remove or reinsert the cup before releasing urine.

Can I Pee with a Menstrual Cup

However, if you are using a menstrual cup and having a problem while peeing, there might be several reasons. The common reasons are –

Pressure on Bladder and Urethra

Menstrual cups are installed in place by folding them and then inserting them into the vagina. As the menstrual cup gets into the right place, it unfolds and creates a tight seal to prevent any dripping. During these times, menstrual cups are creating pressure on the urethra and it can end up creating pressure on the bladder also. In such situation, the opening for urination get blocked, and you face problem while peeing. It is a common issue that you might face while using oversized menstrual cups. Using small cups doesn’t seem like an effective solution also because if the cup is small, it might leak some blood or fall out.

Rashes or Itching

In times of itching or rashes on the vaginal wall, there are chances that you can end up feeling pain while peeing. It seems like burning, and these are the times when you might feel the need of removing the menstrual cups. The itching might be from any reason, but if you find rashes or itching while peeing, it is high time to consult a doctor.

The rashes might appear due to toxic shock syndrome. In this situation, the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus is the major reason behind this problem. Commonly, using an unhygienic menstrual cup is behind the cause. So, it is always better to use well-made menstrual cups and always ensuring the most possible hygiene with the menstrual cups.

So, Can you use menstrual cups while peeing?

The answer is yes, you can use menstrual cups. They are safe to use, and there are only five cases reported for the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, so this can’t be the reason if you find any problem. It is all about preferring adequate size and top-notch hygiene.

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