Top 10 Best Foreign Banks in India

India has emerged as one of the superpowers in recent years, the development in the financial and economic field has seen a great number of MNC’s and Private Foreign banks investing their shares and launching their centers in India. India’s GDP in last three budget circles has seen a great perspective for positivity, positivity means the flow of more foreign-based transactions and money. We all know that India has one of the biggest chains of local, state and national level based Banks, foreign banks and foreign-based transaction are equally important that’s why our government decided to enroll foreign banks to start their services in India. Foreign banks offer dual benefit as it helps to flow more international transaction, also companies offer quality jobs to qualified graduates.

If you want to look for the top available option as Foreign banks in India, check the list available with us as the top available Foreign banks in India. These ranking are based on accordance to the transaction made and rise in the share of profit of these banks in international market and banks share.

10. Doha Bank

Doha Bank

One of the recent and well flourishing names in the Indian sector of the bank is known as Doha Bank, started functioning just 3 years back in 2014. The banks started it’s first featuring in Mumbai Maharashtra state, now the branches are available in leading metropolitan cities. Top rated services offered by the company includes NRI Services, trade services, money exchange, corporate banks and other NRI based services.


9. Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait

Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait

The bank with Middle East origin and name has countered its presence in many parts of the world including India as well. The bank was founded far back in the year 1971 and after its gearing up in India and other Asian based services now it has developed four bank branches in different regions of India. The parent name of the company is the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, the bank offers a special range of services and offers for Middle East tourists.


8. Bank of America

bank of america

The bank as the name suggest is totally American, started at the time of development in the relationship between India and America, the bank offers good services offering better relationship services in relationships. The bank started services in India far back in 1964 and has served services for more than 50 years. There are total 5 branches in India with headquarter of the bank located in Maharashtra, Mumbai.


7. Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank

One of the oldest foreign banks in India, the Barclays Bank carries at present 7 branches in India with its headquarter in the Economic Capital of India known as Mumbai of Maharashtra region. Different range of services offered by the bank is personal banking, commercial banking, credit cards and Treasury Solutions available for usage.


6. DBS Bank

DBS Bank

The bank from Singapore developed especially for India, the bank denotes great interaction of Indian and Singaporean policies. The bank was founded in the year 1968 and still functioning smoothly in India with almost 50 years of services. The DBS bank carries more than 12 branches in India with its headquarters located in the trading capital of India known as Maharashtra. DBS Bank offers all range of banking services for Indians and NRI both customers.


5. Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland

The bank owned by the group Royal Bank of Scotland has marked its presence in India since 1921, as per the present performance, the bank is a satisfying field of customers for more than 90 years. The branches of the bank are more than 10 in number and are available at different Metropolitan cities of India. Top available services offered by the bank are foreign exchange, debt capital market, and finance advisory.


4. Deutsche Bank


Deutsche Bank from German region was initiated in the year 1980, headquarter of the bank is located in Maharashtra. There are more than 5 lakh satisfied customers for the bank in India. There are more than 18 branches of bank available in India with a prime location across the country. The exclusive services offered by the bank include foreign exchange, finance advisory, credit and debit based services and other bank-related services.


3. HSBC India

HSBC India

HSBC is known as one of the oldest and satisfactory service providers in the list of International banks in India. There are over lakh customer available in India part of HSBC bank, world based bank carries around 6 thousand offices around the world. The company was formed in the year 1836 and there are more than 50 branches across the nation that can be seen in many cities around India. Main services offered by the company include services as credit card, internet banking, foreign exchange, debit cards, and loans facility.


2. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Charted Bank has developed its name as the top available option in International Banks available in India with an efficient range of bank services with customer friendly services to offer. Standard Charted Bank was founded in the year 1969 and since the time the branches of Standard Charted has increased with 102 in number.


1. Citi Bank


The top spot acquires in our list of International Bank is Citi Bank that started its services in India in the year 1902, the main aim of the bank is to offer different available services ranging in Debit and Credit Cards. There are 750 ATMs throughout the country with 7500 employees all over the country.



India is one of the quickest developing economies of the world which is pulling a lot of foreign nations to come and contribute on us. India has such a large number of nearby banks furthermore national banks yet then having universal banks is likewise similarly important, consequently India additionally began permitting foreign banks in India.

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