Beyond the Western Ghats to the Mesmerising Beaches of Goa

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps is also a city of dreams in India, with everyone working day in and day out to live their secret fantasy. This city, stretching on the Western Ghats is also one of the most populated cities in the world. Big not only in size but also in its heart, Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, has a place for everyone!

Lying at a distance of 650 KM from Mumbai, is the hub for most happening parties in India, Goa. Fall in love with Goa, not only for its nightlife but for its beautiful beaches, glorious churches, historic forts, colourful markets, scrumptious sea-food, daring water sports and lot more. In short, sitting by the Sahyadri Mountain range, Goa can satisfy one’s appetite for just about everything!

Mumbai to Goa by Road

A drive from Mumbai to Goa is a once in a lifetime experience. Driving past the paddy fields, coconut plantations, and nut plantations, through the well-maintained four-lane NH 66 highway makes the journey from Mumbai to Goa, a discovery in itself. Nothing should come in the way of this scenic expedition!

The 12-hour drive from Mumbai to Goa is best enjoyed in a well-maintained and serviced self-drive vehicle. With several providers like Zoomcar offering self-drive car rentals at affordable rates, this is a luxury with everyone’s reach. Easy bookings and packages which can be customised add to the pleasure.

When in Goa

Even before one reaches Goa, there are several pit stops worth including in the trip. One such stop is at Ganpatipule beach. This beach is known to resemble the beaches in Maldives. Once in Goa, there are numerous places to visit and endless things to do. While at the beaches, soaking in the sun and the water sports are the main attractions in this old Portuguese colony. Besides, one must not miss the historic forts, the Pandava caves, the opportunity to spot big cats at the Mollem National Park, the Naval Aviation Museum, Dudhsagar Falls, and Mangeshi Temple.

With a long list of places to visit and things to do, a self drive car is exactly what one needs. A self-drive Mumbai to Goa taxi can be used to drive around this mesmerising state and enjoy the true Goan experience. Booking one is the first step towards planning a comfortable and memorable trip with family and friends.

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