Top 10 Best ERP Software Companies in India

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and this software can help the business in the management of business by managing the core business process in real time. In addition to this, the software reduces the dependency on human as they have the ability to automate the important business processes. There are various business modules in ERP software and there are modules for each and every function. Some of the examples of modules available are Accounting, Corporate Governance, Resource Management, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain,and Sales. They make it really easy to manage the business.

There are several ERP Software companies available in India and these companies can provide customized ERP solutions to any business entities and some of these solutions are quite innovative. Many of these companies provide body shopping for these customized solutions and you can get a customized solution for your organization. If you would like to buy an ERP software for your organization then you must go through this list of Top 10 Best ERP Software Companies in India in 2018 as the list would help you in choosing a reliable company for getting the solutions. So, here is the list.

10. SAP

SAP is one of the most popular company in the world for providing ERP solutions and the company has its reach in over 180 countries. In terms of customer base, the company has a customer base of 335 thousand and as per the information available, the company was founded in 1972. The company is known for providing the best ERP solutions for any domain but the only problem is that the solutions from SAP are a little expensive when you compare the solutions with other Indian counterparts.

9. Primaseller

Next on our list is Primaseller and the company is based in the United States of America. The company is providing four different types of solutions for the clients and there is option for monthly billing available as well. They are a perfect service provider for a small enterprise and they provide all modules which ranges from inventory management to GST software for retail. You can request the API as well which can be integrated with the present modules of your ERP.

8. C-Square Info Solutions

Next on our list is C-Square and the company was also set up in early 2000s. The company is known for providing ERP solutions and Business Intelligence tools. In addition to this, the customer has a very established client base and some of the clients of this company includes Green Apple, Abbott, Dealheatlh, celestial, Religare Wellness, Sun Pharmacy and other pharmaceutical companies.

7. Sage

On number 7, we have Sage ERP and the company was set up in 1981 in the United States of America. Today, the company has an employee base of over 13,000 employees and the company servers over a million customer in 23 countries. The company has a major client base in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. In addition to this, the company can provide amazing solutions for the enterprises operating in Chemicals, Supply Chain, Food Industry, Manufacturing and Non-Profit Organizations.

6. Integra ERP Software Solutions

Next on our list is Integra Systems and the company is based in the United States of America. The company provides customized ERP solutions and the company is known for providing quite affordable solutions to its clients. The sales and support of the company is also quite reliable and there is no issue with the solutions provided by the company. The company customizes the solutions as per the needs of the client and they also provide a very good knowledge base for its solutions.

5. B-square Solution Private Limited

Bsquare provides IT consultation and Customized Application and it has an excellent record when it comes to customer satisfaction. The company has many amazing clients like Alpine, Shiv Khera, Gabriel, Kenwood,and Revlon. As per the information available, the company was setup in 2000 and it has led the industry in the very crucial time. The company has an office in New Delhi as well as in Bangalore and they provide solutions from these two sites. The team can visit you to for the requirement gathering and the team provides software in a very efficient manner.

4. Workxmate Technologies Private Limited

Workxmate Technologies Private limited is next on our list and the company is known for providing affordable ERP solutions. The company has a management team with an experience of over 50 years and they are able to provide good solutions based on the requirement of the client. The company is based in Noida and they excel in providing the support to the customer in almost any domain of business.

3. Softmark Solutions Private Limited

Softmark was established in 1993 and it has its head office in Mumbai. The company also has an office in Ahmedabad and the company has various types of ERP solutions available for its client base. The company has various modules to manage all lines of business and some of the modules available are sales management, purchase management, import module, financial module, export module and many others. The company is also popular for ERP solutions for Saloon and they are quite popular in the industry.

2. Tally Solutions Private Limited

Tally Solutions Private Limited is a multinational company which was set up in 1998. The company has released many iteration of the solutions in all these years and the most recent ERP solution available from Tally is Tally ERP 9. There are many different versions of this software package and they are the best for managing accounting, tax management, inventory management and payroll. If you have a fleet of developers with yourself then you can also get the developer version of this ERP.

1. Marg


On number one we have Marg and it is the backbone of every business. The company has over 6 lakh users and it provides solutions for all domains. The ERP solutions of the company are widely accepted and it helps the customer in excelling in their business. The company provides software for manufacturing, billing, payroll processing and all other domains that you can think of. The company was incepted in 1990 and the head office of the company is in New Delhi.

These are the best ERP Software companies in India and they have a huge customer base so buying solutions would them would mean a reliable solution. The companies are also good when it comes to providing after-sales services and you would not have to worry about not getting the support. If you are a job seeker and if you are planning to join an ERP development firm, then you must try and look for opportunities in these firms as they would guarantee you a bright future.