10 Best Wet and Dry Dustbin in India

The time has come when you have to become serious about the environment around us. The everyday waste accumulates across the residential areas of most Indian cities, towns & villages are in increasing order. The waste needs to be managed properly. Waste management has become part of our life today and it helps in cleaning and controlling the surroundings. The use of wet & dry waste dustbins in India has become popular among people.

The waste is of types – wet waste and dry waste. The wet waste can be the waste from the kitchen. It can be leftover food, vegetable peels, used tea, and many other wet items. The wet waste is all about biodegradable organic items that are part of the waste that gets decomposed.

Dustbins-part of Indian household

Dry waste is combined with plastic, paper, glass pieces, rubber, metal, and other food packaging material. The dry waste doesn’t include any soiled waste and it remains completely dried waste particles. You have to make sure that you don’t mix wet waste with dried waste and it needs to be kept separately in the wet & dry waste dustbins. Sanitary waste is also needed to manage depending on the type of waste.

Dry and Wet Waste Dustbin India

Most of the Indian households and the hotel industry have become aware of the waste that needs to be managed on a daily basis. Most Indian citizens have understood the benefits of waste management and are trying to keep the surroundings clean by handling the issues related to waste management. Even the government has strictly ordered and defined the rules and regulations while managing the waste to make the atmosphere clean and healthy. 

Best Buy Dry and Wet Waste Dustbin in India

Let us find more about the wet and dry waste dustbins available in India for home use along with their features, usefulness in keeping the surroundings healthy, and know the brand value of the product in the market.

Given below is the list of the 10 best wet and dry waste dustbins in India for you to find the most suitable for your home.

1. Nayasa 2 in 1 Dustbin 

Nayasa 2 in 1 Dustbin

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The Nayasa dustbin is bigger in size and 33 liters. The 2 in 1 dustbin is made of high-quality plastic and is available in two colors Green and Blue. The company Nayasa is a kitchen & home ware company that offers useful waste solutions to the people of India.

The two dustbins are placed in a container. It has a smooth handle that can be very useful. The pedal is used to open the boxes easily without any trouble just by pressing your foot over it. The design and the structure are very purposeful. The quality of the dustbin is 100 percent food grade and bpa free. 

The Nayasa dustbins are mainly used for wet and dry waste which needs to be managed. You need to keep the surroundings clean by placing the waste accordingly and the twin dustbins help you to sort out the waste management successfully.


  • A must-buy product. Smooth and easy,
  • Worth the money spent on it.


  • The dustbins look smaller than the actual size.

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2. Nilkamal Twin Color Dustbin 

Nilkamal Twin Color Dustbin 

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The Nilkamal is one of the highly popular companies that offer a variety of homeware, kitchenware products along with many other utility products to be used at homes, offices, shops, and many other places. The waste dustbins have become part of the households in India. 

The capacity of the dustbin is 10 liters each. The well-polished boxes are made of thick, unbreakable plastic that remains durable for a longer time. The dustbins are mainly used to store the segregated waste. It also helps in keeping the atmosphere clean, healthy, and hygienic. 

The use of NilKamal dustbins is common in residential areas and also in commercial places. The dustbins make the people aware of the waste management technique. The well-built handle is easy to hold while carrying the boxes and also the pedal which is useful to open or to close the dustbins during usage.


  • The well-designed dustbin is made of durable plastic.


  • The foot pedal needs to press hard.

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3. Signoraware Modern Lightweight Dustbin 

Signoraware Modern Lightweight Dustbin

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The Signoraware modern dustbin is one of the most advanced types and is available in two colors of green & blue. The nicely designed dustbins are sleek and shiny. The fully functional dustbins are made to store the wet and dry waste separately. It can be opened or closed, even without touching it. 

The handles are smooth and sturdy. You can use the handles to pull the boxes out during cleaning. The superior material used is easy to wash and clean. The structure of the dome and the foot pedal is most ideal to use. The lightweight dustbins are perfectly made to keep the area clean and dust-free. 

The mechanism used while using the pedal is easy and without the use of rod technique which makes it long durable. The Signoraware are the best dustbins that remain odorless and spill proof.


  • Most modern-looking odorless dustbins.
  • The easy mechanism is used.


  • Delivery takes a longer time.

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4. Kolorr Mega Twin-Bins Dustbin 

Kolorr Mega Twin-Bins Dustbin 

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The Kolorr Mega twin bins have become part of the homes, offices, hotels, and shops. The modern design of the trash can is very eye-catching and used for separating dry waste from wet waste. The 18 liters of capacity and made of durable superior quality plastic makes the dustbin most useful.

The stylish design and mind-blowing color are the main features of the twin dustbin and when it is placed in the kitchen or bathrooms, it looks perfect to the background.

The Kolorr Mega twin has two bins placed side by side and that can be easily moved from one place to another without any issues. The pedal is easy to press with the foot without touching the dustbin and it allows you to store the recycled dry waste separately. 


  • The stylish look and user-friendly design make the dustbins very popular.


  • The handle is missing for better usage.

5. Wonder Swach Bharat Dustbins 

Wonder Swach Bharat Dustbins 

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The wonder Swatch Bharat dustbins are really wonderful to use and have an innovative design that certainly makes the product unique. The material used in manufacturing the two dustbins is of excellent quality and durable. The blue & green color represents the two bins for dry and wet wastes from main kitchens.

The dustbins are 10 liters each and it is most suitable for homes, offices, shops, and restaurants. It not only brings awareness about keeping the surroundings clean and healthy but it also offers a stylish look to the background. The waste can be easily segregated into dry and wet.

The lid is inventive and keeps the dustbin closed while swinging from one end to the other. The brand Swatch Bharat is highly reputed and it is ISO certified. The dustbins are easy to use and can be cleaned with water when required.


  • The innovative design makes it most preferred.


  • Not easily available.



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The MIGGLO duel dustbin is green and blue colored bins placed together with a black colored outer body. The 16 liters each capacity of the bin is used for placing dry and wet wastage of kitchen, homes, offices, and even hotels. The easy-to-use handle and the pedal help in operating it in daily life.

The entire package is designed nicely using sturdy plastic material. It is 100 percent food grade and BPA free that makes it exceptional. The product is made according to Indian conditions and usages. The dustbins can become part of residential areas and also commercial places.

The MIGGLO duel dustbin supports a hygienic atmosphere by taking care of the waste, dirt, and dust around. It has certainly made changes in the lives of people and their surroundings.


  • The modern look and stylish design.
  • Best to use in Indian conditions.


  • Best quality but higher price.

7. FiableCleantech Twin Dustbin 

FiableCleantech Twin Dustbin 

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The FiableCleantech twin dustbin is bigger and it has a capacity of 50 liters each. The exclusive design and higher storage area make it a unique dustbin. The material used is virgin HDPE which is of powerful quality. The bins are placed on the pole made of SS type and it can be easily lockable.

The combination of two bins in green and blue gets all attention. The dustbins are compact, shiny, and have rounded corners. It can be used with fasteners for fixing. It also offers UV resistance without the waste getting frost, decay, or heated. 

The best quality and high capacity FiableCleantech twin dustbins have always helped in keeping the waste without getting any odor in the tightly packed boxes. It has helped in making the atmosphere healthy for all.


  • Excellent product with higher capacity.
  • It is worth the money spent.


  • The price is a little higher.

8. GALOOF 2 In 1 Dustbin 

GALOOF 2 In 1 Dustbin 

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The GALOOF twin dustbin has offered a cleanliness in the atmosphere. The wet and the dry waste is separately stored and used accordingly. The taper-shaped blue and green colored twin dustbins have become common among many households.

The dustbins have a capacity of 12.5 liters and are available in a nicely designed color with a shiny look. A simple and easy mechanism is used that makes it easy to operate. The sturdy pedal makes it easy to use the buckets without using hands. 

Both the bins have separate pedals. The dustbins have become part of the kitchens, offices, and even hospitals and it allows keeping the waste separate that makes it easy to recycle during the advanced process.


  • Each dustbin has a separate peddle.


  • Needed bigger-sized buckets.

9. ELIGHTWAY MART Twin Dustbin


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The ELIGHTWAY MART twin bins are made of mesh with a stylish industrial look. The tapered-shaped bin has a large-sized round-shaped opening that can easily store all types of waste. Both the bins have a solid black colored base with useful ventilation.

The two baskets are mainly used for storing the dry waste and the wet waste separately without any issues. The dustbins with ventilation facilities remain moisture-less and odor-free.The waste dumped in the twin dustbins doesn’t pollute the air around. 

The ELIGHTWAY MART twin bin looks elegant and changes the background like decorative pieces. It can be placed in offices, apartments, and in restaurants where it brings a change in the atmosphere. The colorful twin bins are highly majestic and get all attention all the time.


  • The solid-built and elegant look makes the twin bins highly attractive.
  • The ventilation keeps the waste moisture-free.


  • The delivery takes a long time.

10. Swastik Enterprises 2 in 1 Dustbin 

Swastik Enterprises 2 in 1 Dustbin 

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The Swastik Enterprises offers an elegant-looking 2 in 1 dustbin that is sturdy in design. The long durable plastic material makes the twin bins durable for long. The stylish look of the dustbins easily gets noticed while placed in the kitchen, bathrooms, or offices. 

The blue and green colored compartments have a handle to hold them while carrying and cleaning them. The Pedal at the bottom works well and allows you to open the basket without using your hands.

The Swastik twin bins are fixed inside an outer layer and look like a single bucket with two colors but they are designed to be separate from the inside. The dustbins are used to make people aware of the dry and wet wastes and use them for a healthy and hygienic environment.


  • Stylish look and colorful bins look perfect.


  • The device is small in size.

How to Choose Wet and Dry Dustbin in India?

A dustbin will ensure you that there is a designated space in your home or kitchen containing fruit and vegetable peels, cans, packets, or other waste items.Using two different bins for dry and wet garbage is called garbage segregation.

Some people choose aluminium over plastic with colourful options. Yes, these dustbins may confuse but they can be recognized through a note that you can stick on it.

For a simple pick, you can choose different colours of the dustbin to separate wet or dry waste. But if you want a much better option then consider a few aspects.

1. Make sure which type of dustbin you want

Depending on the need, you can choose either a dustbin made of plastic or metal. Let’s know what pros or cons of each of them:

Dustbin – Made of Plastic

The most popular type of waste and the dry dustbin is plastic. Typically, these dustbins are sturdy and durable enough. Also, they are ready to survive injury and any other effect. Dustbin made of plastic has a minimal leaning. Thick plastic waste bins can be placed in washrooms, gardens, rooms, even the kitchen. But some people refrain from using this material. No matter how good the plastic is, it can wear out over time and get scratched.

Dustbin – Made of Metal

Most people choose metal dustbins over plastic ones.Metal is a solid element that can carry heavy waste.Scratchesdon’t come on it like plastic; some solid thing can only harm it. Metal bins are lightweight in keeping with the quality. Metal can deal with low and high temperatures.

One of the practical reasons why metal trash cans are so famous is that the material doesn’t absorb fragrance, no matter whether you throw wet or dry waste in it. Those metal dustbins that are equipped with a solid entryway will help to keep the kitchen free of unwanted odours and trap any unpleasant odour.

2. Types of Metal Dustbin Material

Metal is categorized into four materials called Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanised Steel, and Iron. Let’s have a look at what types of material they are and how it helps you to clean your kitchen or home space clean.

  • Iron

Iron Dustbins are solid, as well they have a long lifespan. It is the most commonly used metal in the collecting of huge garbage. One drawback of Iron is that they are not appropriate for outside or commercial use as they are weak to rust.

  • Stainless Steel

The dustbin is constructed of stainless steel is still has a long life than others. It can’t be damaged or scratched easily and has a high inflexibility to loss. Using a stainless steel dustbin can be very helpful to maintain cleanliness around you, as it is the cleanest metal. From public places to commercial areas, you will find stainless steel dustbins.

  • Aluminium

Aluminium is light, sturdy and waterproof to rusting. Dustbin made of aluminium is economical and can be used outside and inside.

3. Additional Features

You can check advanced features in your dustbin. Some of them are as follow:

  • Pedal Feature

Pedal features are found in every domicile, as it has a small pedal that can be opened when you step on it. The bid lid closes by releasing pressure on the pedal.

  • Sensor Feature

The sensor indicates that someone comes around the bin to throw waste.

  • Open Bin

It is not suitable for gathering wet food waste, as it doesn’t stuck the food smell.

Most people think that choosing a green colour is always used to collect wet wastes, and the blue colour is to contain dry wastes. But you can consider the given bins as well.


The dustbins have become part of our living today. The dry waste is easy to manage and can be recycled. But if the dry waste gets tainted or soiled then it gets rejected and becomes useless. To segregate dry waste from the wet waste, you need nicely designed, compact, & colorful dustbins.  Dustbins are effectively used in waste management. Waste management helps us to manage the increasing contamination & the toxic waste which has become a threat to human beings, animals and the environment. The dustbins bring changes to the atmosphere around you.

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