How to Segregate Wet and Dry Waste At Home?

Before going deep into the subject, you must know the meaning of waste segregation. It is the process through which dry and wet wastes are separated from each other. It is done because the wet can be recycled, and the wet wastes can be used as compost products. It is one to keep the earth free from pollution and protect human civilization. It is essential to see that the wastes are properly segregated. It will help the environment in a lot of ways. Everyone should support the work of segregation of wastes.

Steps to segregate the wastes at home:

It is easy and smooth to carry out the segregation process at home. You can use two different types of dustbins. You can use wet and dry waste dustbin for accumulating dry wastes and the other one for wet wastes. You can also use two different papers for collecting the scraps. It will be much more convenient and more accessible for you to manage the wastes.

Segregate Waste

You must always throw and remove the wet wastes from the house every day. If you store it for an extended period, it may cause pollution and hamper your health. It would help if you dropped the wet wastes in big trash bins. The dry wastes can be disposed off after one day. To throw the sanitary wastes, you must try to use a paper bag. It will be much convenient.  On the other hand, the dustbins where you will throw the wastes need to be cleaned once a week. You should do it for the safety of the inhabitants of the house. If dustbins are not cleaned from time to time, they may be the birthplace of the germs. Even you can get infected from it.

Other steps to be taken for keeping the home clean:

Apart from all this, you must also take the initiative to keep the adjoining areas of your home fresh and clean. If required, you must talk to the other people of the locality to keep the site clean. You can collectively place a big trash bin for accumulating the wastes. It will be a great idea.

It would help if you also encouraged other people to be cautious while dropping the wastes. A little cautiousness can help in keeping the environment clean and better. Many people also form a committee to look after the matter. It can be a significant step towards making the environment clean. If required, you can also appoint a person who will keep a constant watch on these matters. The dustbins that we use in our home must be changed once a year. This is because it becomes dirty after regular use. You can get various designer dustbins in the market.

So, using a trash bin at home is necessary. We must always take the initiative to keep the house clean and tidy. It is only possible when we are using bins and maintaining the same. As the environment is changing, we should take proper steps to maintain it and keep it safe.

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