Difference Between Red, Green and Blue Dustbin and Their Uses

You must know that dustbins are used for collecting wastes. It can help in keeping the area clean and fresh. With this, you can stay away from many health issues. The Government and other local bodies are also taking proper actions to get rid of the health issues. To keep the place clean and tidy most people use various categories of dustbins. You must have heard the name of red, green, and blue dustbins. Each of them has different uses and features. You must have accurate information about each of them.

Red dustbins and their uses

Red dustbin

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Red bins are those that are used to collect and store hazardous wastes. They may contain wastes like cotton and other materials. Some of them may also contain human fluids. In the present time, you can also use it to throw masks. Some people urge that you should keep these bins next to the green and blue bins. The main purpose for which red bins are used is the products that cannot send for recycling must be thrown on the red bins. You can also throw many soft plastics on the red dustbins.

Green dustbins and their uses

Green Dustbin

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On the other hand, green bins are found here and there on the road. You can also notice it in front of shopping malls and marketplaces. Do you know about the importance and uses of green bins? They are large dustbins that have a plastic body. Most of them have a covered lid on the upper part of the dustbin. It is given so that you do not get any smell or odor from the bin. These bins are used to collect vegetable wastes and other animal wastes. It includes various types of vegetable peelings and other scraps. This is why the mouth of the dustbin is kept closed for the safety and health issues of the people. If you inhale this smell, it can cause severe health damages to your body.  You can also get various types of cooked and uncooked food items. This dustbin is used for the disposal of biodegradable and plastic wrappers. It is done so that you can covert the wastes to manure.

Blue dustbins and their uses

Blue Dustbin

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On the other part, you must have also heard about the blue dustbins. They are also available in various places. They are common. Blue dustbins are used for the disposal of non-biodegradable wastes. The blue dustbins are used for recycling purposes. It is one of the primary works that are performed by these dustbins. In most municipalities you have seen that the workers move with the blue dustbins for collecting the wastes from houses. It will be correct to say that blue dustbins are used for managing dry scraps. You cannot put any wet scraps on the blue ones. You can drop the wet ones on the green dustbins. We all must be cautious while putting our scraps.

Main differences between red, green, and blue dustbins

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You must know about the primary differences that exist between these three types of dustbins.

  • Red dustbins are used for collecting hazardous wastes like cotton and masks. On the other hand, green dustbins are used for the collection of wet wastes, and blue dustbins are used to collect dry scraps. These are the actual distinctions that exist between them.
  • The wastes of the red dustbins are not sending for the recycling process. But all the scraps of the blue and green dustbins are recycled. It is another difference.
  • The most demanding among the three types of dustbins are the green and blue ones.

So, with this information, it is now clear which dustbin is to be used for disposal of the wastes. If we are cautious, we can quickly get a healthy and fit environment. It is in our hands to make a disease-free environment. Excessive waste products can harm both the environment and its people. Let us take the initiative to create a great environment. It is only possible to become serious and do not throw the wastes here and there in our locality. It is our primary responsibility and we should try to maintain it.

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