Top 10 Best Cinema Theatres in India

Most of the people in the world prefer watching movies on the big screen (theatre) and this is not different in India too. Today, most of the theatres are taking the comfort to text level. So, what is so different in these theatres?

  • Comfortable push back seats – Best seating is one of the most important factors every customer would prefer having. Most of the top theatres have chairs that let its users lean back comfortably.
  • Excellent sound quality – Excellent sound quality include using Tremor-FX, immersive 3D effects, DTS, etc.
  • Service at seat – Every customer would prefer having the all the luxuries like snacks and drinks served at their seat, today, most of the theatres have an inbuilt button on their seats to avail such services.
  • Nested seats for kids, parents, and couples–often armrest gets in the way of couples, parents, and kids. Top theatres provide nested seats for people who want to sit closer to each other and take the movie experience to the next level.
  • Reasonable ticket rates – best theatres provide all the above-mentioned features but, have a reasonable ticket rate.

Considering all the above-mentioned factors it is a challenging task to list the best theatres in India. However, here is a list of 10 best theatres in India that provides all the facilities mentioned above.

1. PVR Director’s Cut, New Delhi

PVR Director’s Cut, New Delhi

Address – Nelson Mandela Marg,
Ambience Island, Sector D,
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi,

  • Ticket Rate –Rs 800-1200
  • Book tickets

This is the best theatre in India with all the excellent factors. The PVR Director’s cut; New Delhi has features like a café, a bar, a patisserie, and a bookshop. The theatre has individual lamps on each seat and also provides great smoky sections.


2. PVR Superplex, Noida

Address – Logix City Centre BW-58,
Sector 32, Noida,
Uttar Pradesh

  • Ticket Rate – RS 200 – 840
  • Book tickets –

This is the 2nd best theatre in India and is situated in Logix Town Center Shopping Mall, Noida. This theatre has an IMAX, 4DX, Playhouse, and also normal theatres. The PVR Superplex Noida is also the 2nd largest theatre I India if the number of screens is considered.


3. PVR Koramangala, Gold Cinemas, Bangalore.

Address – The Forum Mall, 21-22,
Adugodi Main Road,
Koramangala, Bengalooru

  • Ticket Rate – Rs 650 – 750
  • Book tickets –

This is the 3rd best theatre in India. The theatre provides the customer an own server and a menu of good finger meals. This theatre offers premium movie experience. This is of the well-known theatres in Bangalore.


4. INOX Laserplex, CR2, Nariman Point

Address – CR 2, 2nd Floor,
Nariman Point,

  • Ticket Rate – Rs 180-900
  • Book tickets –

This theatre is one of the best theatres in India with a reasonable ticket rate. This theatre also comes with a special screen called “Insignia” that provides premium movie experience. However, the tickets rate is premium and differs entirely from other normal theatres.


5. PVR Lulu Mall, Kochi

Address –Lulu International Shopping Mall,

  • Ticket Rate – Rs 150 – 400
  • Book Tickets –

This is best theatre in Kerala and one of the best theatres in India. This theatre has 9 screens and provides very exclusive movie experience. The theatre can house 3000 viewers and is one of the biggest multiplexes in India when the space and number of the seats are considered.


6. Ariesplex SL Cinemas, TVM, Kerala

Address –Thampanoor,
Sahodara Samajam Road,
Near Over Bridge,

  • Ticket Rate – Rs 150-500
  • Book Tickets –

This is one of the best theatres in Kerala and India. The Ariesplex offers the best quality facilities and features. The seats are imported from Belgium and also well-known to have the first 4K projector in South India.


7. Raj Mandir, Jaipur 

Address –Address: C-16,
Panch Batti, Bhagwan Das Rd,

  • Ticket Rate – Rs 120- 400
  • Book tickets –

This is one of the best theatres in India. Apart from the theatre, this is one of the best places to visit in the Pink City. This theatre is one of the largest single screen theatres in India and also one of the oldest theatres (250 years). One of the most attractive features of this theatre is that it has a royal and grand décor that is unmatched.


8. PVR Plaza, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Address – Plaza Building,
Outer Circle H block,
Connaught Place
New Delhi

  • Ticket Rate –Rs 300-375
  • Book Tickets –

This theatre is one of the best theatres in India. PVR Plaza is one of the top theatres that screen movie premiers. The theatre offers good seats, excellent services and state of the art movie watching experience.


9. Mayajaal Multiplex, Chennai

Address – #34 East Coast Road
Kanathur, Chennai,

  • Ticket rates – Rs 120-155
  • Book Tickets –

This is the largest theatre in India in terms of the number of screens (16 screens). This theatre has gained its good reputation through the quality of services provided. The Mayajaal has been operating since 1997 and has grown as a beast in providing good movie experience.


10. Prasad’s, Hyderabad

Address – NTR Gardens,
LIC Division P.O.,

  • Ticket rates – Rs 120-500
  • Book Tickets –

This IMAX holds the record in most attended screens in the world for blockbuster movies like Spiderman and Harry Potter. This is the 3rd IMAX in India and has developed with time. The theatre has its own ecological system and has its own gaming zone and food courts. Prasad’s is also preferred by viewers for premiere shows.


All the above-mentioned theatres were selected on the basis of facilities and services provided. The rates offered can change if the management decides to revise the rates. Hope this article helped you

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