10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are one of the most important parts of everyone’s life nowadays. Not everyone can bear the heat in summer which can cause a lot of inconveniences. Due to global warming, some countries are experiencing extreme heat in the summer. Even at the beginning of the summer, some cities face high-temperature problems. That is why it has become necessary in order to use cooling machines. Most people have started using Air conditioners in their house in order to get rid of the extreme heat.

Air conditioners are considered ideals in summers to provide cooling in your house. You can set the desirable temperature in your house using the help of air conditioners.

Advantages of Using Air Conditioner

If you are wondering whether you should buy an air conditioner or not then these various benefits can help you with this?

1. Prevents from heat exhaustion – The most convenient feature of the air conditioner is that you can get rid of the extreme heat in summers. You can set your desired temperature using the air conditioner and relax in your house.

2. Improves the quality of air – The air quality around your house also improves when you use a good quality air conditioner. You should make sure that you take proper care and maintenance of your air conditioners.

3. Protects your house from insects – During summer most people face problems like insects and lizard in their house which tries to find a cool place in your house. That is why by using the air conditioner you can get rid of such problems. You do not have to open your windows to get clean air by which these insects enter your house.

4. Improves the work efficiency – When people have a cooler temperature in their workplace it can really improve the quality of work. That is why it is always advised in office to use optimum temperatures.

5. Prevents you from getting angry – It is proven that during extreme heat the blood pressure and heart rates increase slightly which can make people angrier. That is why in a place like office and house air conditioner should always be used.

6. Helps you in getting good sleep – If you have a perfect temperature in your house then you do not face any problems in sleeping. This makes it quite comfortable for people who have trouble sleeping.

7. Protects furniture from humidity – During summer if you live nearby lakes it can be very humid. This can cause a lot of damage to your furniture which could cost you a lot of money. So you can use the air conditioner to get rid of the humidity.

8. Cool down your electrical appliances – In Summers, most house face problems like electric circuit break due to extreme heat. To get rid of these problems you need to cool down your house using the help of air conditioners.

9. Enhance the security of your house – Most of the cities have a higher crime rate in summers due to the open gates and windows for ventilation. If you use air conditioners in your house then you do not have to open them which enhance safety in your house.

10. Makes you look energized and refreshed – If you have the better living condition then you will always feel rejuvenated and energized without any problems.

The disadvantage of using the Air conditioner

These are some of the things that you should know about if you use the air conditioner regularly in your house or office.

1. A sudden change in temperature can be bad – If you are at the outside in the extreme heat and then suddenly came to your house with cool temperature then it can be very bad for your health. That is why you should make sure to use air conditioners properly.

2. Can make your skin dry – Using air conditioner too much can lead to dry skin problems which can lead to several other skin issues. That is why you should make sure to use air conditioners moderately.

3. Air conditioner causes unbearable noise – Sometimes air conditioners can cause annoying sounds which can prevent you from sleeping. So make sure that you do not face such problems with your air conditioners by properly marinating them.

4. It can cause you air-bone health problems – If you do not get maintenance for your air conditioners then it can cause you a lot of health problems.

5. Lens user can face problems in their eyes – People who use lens can face pain in their eyes while using air conditioners in their house during summer.

6. You might start feeling lazy around air conditioner – Everyone who uses air conditioners feels lazy around it, as it can provide you comfortable temperature around your house.

7. Using air conditioner will cause you extra electricity bill – Well, this is one of the most common facts among people who use the air conditioner in their house that it can cost you a lot of money in electricity bill.

8. Decreases your tendency to bear heat – Some people may not be able to bear the heat outside if they remain inside too much.

9. Most of the air conditioners are not eco-friendly – Many air conditioners are not made to provide eco-friendly services. This can cause a lot of problems in your surrounding which leads to problems like global warming.

10. You will be more prone to health issues – A person who remains in air conditioners for too long will definitely be more prone to health issues. That is why you should use them in moderate and only when necessary.

These were some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Air Conditioners which can help you with the summer heat. So make sure that you do not overuse air conditioners too much and get used to the heat outside. Most people may feel lazy when they are in an air conditioner that is why you should make sure to set suitable temperatures.

You should always make sure to get regular maintenance for your air conditioner unit in order for it to work perfectly. There are many professional AC companies which can help you with this.

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