5 Must-see Tourist Destinations In Kashmir that will amaze you

Any seasoned traveler would not pass up an opportunity to go to Kashmir. Kashmir, often known as “Heaven in Paradise,” is one of India’s most beautiful destinations, with breathtaking natural splendor.. From the stunning canyons that lie in Kashmir and the distant mountains covered in snow and mountains, everything in Kashmir is sure to fill your heart with delight. That’s the primary reason why so many travelers choose the place.

Additionally, the trek through the passes to reach the remote areas of Kashmir is a must for all adventure lovers. It’s not possible to visit all of the tourist attractions in Kashmir within a list. We’ve compiled certain places that you shouldn’t be able to afford to overlook, and let’s look at them.

1. Kargil


Most Kashmir tour packages include guided excursions to Kargil. While Kargil is most well-known for its location near the border between Pakistan and India, the stunning destination has plenty to offer visitors. There is the Phuktal Monastery, and the Rangdum Monastery will let you feel the spiritual vibe while you are there. Additionally, visit Drang-Drung Glacier. The Drang-Drung Glacier will elevate your adventure to a new level as you travel up to the glacier and experience the magical weather.

The various monasteries in this area can help you learn about the region’s culture and history. You’ll feel blessed to visit these monasteries. It is also possible to make plans to visit the Kartse River. The Kartse River might be a highlight of your Kashmir trip. Don’t leave Kargil in your itinerary when you draft your plans for activities in preparation for the Kashmir trip.

2. Kathua

It is essential not to miss Kathua for those who want their Kashmir journey to be captivating. The addition of Kathua to your list of places to visit will make your journey more exciting and unforgettable. In the beginning, biking through Kathua to the Ranjit Sagar Dam located in Kathua is an unforgettable adventure for riders and bikers. The existence of numerous well-known religious temples within the area is a great option for spiritual travelers.

Furthermore, the Duggan Valley is there to give stunning perspectives that overlook the Himalayas.It is also a really beautiful Indian valley. It will be a shock to learn that there’s an area with a beach known as Purthu Beach. It’s beautiful and tranquil. Many tourists prefer to arrange excursions from Jammu within the Kathua region. Also, make sure to include the Kathua excursion on the Kashmir itinerary to help make your visit more classy.

3. Pulwama

Pulwama is yet another place in Kashmir which you must not miss exploring. You can feel the peace in the overall atmosphere of this beautiful place. Beyond the beauty of the location, there is plenty to explore here. A trip planned for Tarsar Lake will be a sight-seeing delight for tourists. In addition, there are numerous Hindu temples located in Pulwama that you shouldn’t avoid visiting. These temples carry on the rich history of Hinduism through the centuries. In addition, the Aharbal Waterfalls are another outrageous attraction to check out when in Pulwama. It’s easy to lose track of time staring at the waterfalls since they’re so beautiful. In addition, the Jama Masjid Sophian in Pulwama is a fascinating historical site worth seeing.

4. Pahalgam

Pahalgam, Kashmir

Do you think of completing your Kashmir journey without a visit to Pahalgam? It’s true, Pahalgam is the most luxurious place in Kashmir that provides a remarkable visit. The valleys, lakes, and rivers of Pahalgam will make you feel as if you’re in a movie. There’s no reason not to visit the Aru Valley as well as Betaab Valley. These two valleys, known as Betaab Valley and Betaab Valley, are among Pahalgam’s most popular tourist destinations.

The snow-covered view of Aru Valley will delight you and your travel companions for long hours. This distant Tullian Lake is another fabulous attraction in Pahalgam. It is a must-see. Mountain ranges surround it, and this stunning lake has some stunning scenery. The Sheshnag Lake isn’t far behind in terms of aesthetics. The lake must be on your top list, too. You can get the opportunity to revive your soul by arranging an excursion to Dalyan Valley. Additionally, guided trekking and hiking programs are offered in Pahalgam for a reasonable price. Are available for.

5. Hemis

Hemis is most well-known for its unique monasteries and the stunning views they offer. There are numerous gompas and monasteries in the area that you should not avoid going to. However, there are many indications and evidence of earlier Buddhist traditions within the monastic site. There is also an excursion to Hemis National Park, where you’ll be able to observe unique animal species. In addition, visiting Gompas such as Stakna Gompa, Shang Gompa, and the other gompas scattered throughout the region will be a memorable trip. There’s no need to add that Hemis should be an essential destination when planning a great Kashmir tour. Therefore, include this destination in your Kashmir itinerary and enjoy an exciting holiday.

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