10 Interesting Ways to Flirt with your Crush Without Being Creepy

Having a crush on someone is one every common thing that everyone must have observed since ages. It is an interesting phenomenon and not everyone ends up dating his or her crushes. There are many ways to flirt with your crush and you really don’t want to feel creepy about it or have a guilt feeling that why you are even doing that. Everyone has a crush on someone when they are young and especially in the school or college and it becomes very obvious when you start talking about the person so often and start feeling awkward when you are around them, just make sure to not to that when you are around your crush and rather be smart and bold when you speak to them, so that they do not think low of you. There are many ways to impress your crush, but this topic is not about impressing your crush but it is more about how to flirt with your crush. Many people know how to flirt with their crushes but a lot of people do not do it in a right manner, making them feel awkward and very obvious also.  Hence, it becomes really important to flirt in a right manner and in a healthy manner also, so that no one feels out of place and if things doesn’t work out, then you can always make it as a joke and laugh it out.

Here is a list of 10 interesting ways to flirt with your crush without being creepy.

10. Play with their hair

It’s a senseless, striking, loving move that will get you somewhere, though it will not be a complete love feeling but a little affectionate one.

9. Tease them

It’s much the same as your mother let you know back in first grade when that bully was ridiculing you, that bully subtly enjoyed you.

8. Offer them food

If you are sitting in a café, and your crush is also there, and he/she says that the food looks good then make sure to offer them and also tell them that you really do not like to share food with ‘anyone’

7. Calmly touch their arm when you’re talking

This is an exemplary being a tease tip for a reason. Even if your crush isn’t awesome at grabbing on signs, they’ll surely notice a small piece of physical contact. It’s just sufficiently striking to snatch their consideration.

6. Compliment them

boy talking with girl

Yes, everyone likes to hear compliments. Make sure to give compliments to your crush whenever you can, but don’t make it an overdose of compliments.

5. Keep in mind what they let you know, then bring it up later

When your crush is talking to you, listen carefully and also make a note of some important things that you think he or she has said and then after two weeks bring up that topic and say, you said so… remember? And he/she will be just surprised to know that.

4. Invite your crush to hang out as a major aspect of a gathering

start conversation with girl

In case you’re facilitating a gathering, bunch study sessions, or movie night, welcome your crush along. The gathering setting is way less weight than a one-on-one date, yet the way that you thought to incorporate your pound at all tells brain they’re at the forefront of your thoughts.

3. Let the emoticons do the talking

Use your emoticons smartly and also strategically.  Use the heart eyes and kissy face in your conversations whenever you can. The emoticons speaks a lot.

2. Like the Instagram photos

Impress a Girl on Facebook

If you are on Instagram and so is your crush, then go ahead and start liking his pictures, but make sure to not like all the photos together and also you can follow him/her on snapchat.

1. Make eye Contact

Maintain an Eye Contact

While talking to your crush, make eye contact and look straight in to the eyes when you speak to him/her. But please do not stare into the eyes as that will be really awkward.

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