Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds Around The World

Cats are some of the most lovable pets that one can ever have. They are very cute and are highly intelligent. It also takes less effort in caring for cats as they are much more independent than dog breeds. They know when not to bother their busy masters and when to come near them for some play and cuddle time. Cats are also very sensitive to the feelings of their owners. Just like dogs, they could also be very loyal. Feeding them is also a breeze compared to feeding other pets as their digestive system is less prone to ailments and illnesses.

This is why many people love cats and would gladly take care of them at home. Every year, more and more people engage in taking cats of pets as they are excellent home companions – even better than humans, some say!

This list dishes out the 10 cutest cat breeds in the world. It is assured that after going through this list, the reader is bound to long for one pet cat. Are you ready?

10. Siamese


Siamese cats are beautiful and furry cats that often sport blue eyes. They have a body that is soft and slender – making its owners want to hug the cat endlessly. Siamese cats are considered lazy cats, they just laze and stay put all day long. However, when they are in the mood for some playtime, they are usually very competitive and could get quite stubborn.

9. Manx


Manx are unique from other cat breeds because they are actually tail-less! These cats are extremely sociable and would often want to interact with its owner. They can also be very demanding for attention and are comparable to dogs in this regard. They are usually plump and often stay near their owner all the time.

8. Ragdoll


This breed of cat is honestly one of the laziest ever. Still like a doll, this cat breed wants to just lie, sleep, and laze around all day long. It is also an extremely defenseless cat. It can not defend itself from attackers. This is why this cat is helpless when left alone. Owners almost always take this type of cat with them wherever they go.

7. Persian


Persian cats are admired for their clean, white, soft, and very beautiful fur. They are one of the cleanest-looking cats in the world! They are very huggable. Persian cats also loved to be played and appreciated and they respond well to human warmth and care. Nevertheless, they are also very lazy cats, often just staying in one place all day and all the time.

6. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

This cat breed is distinguished from others due to the letter M on their forehead. This cat is unlike many other cat breeds. First of all, they love to play on water and find water very refreshing. Second, they love to play tricks and games with their owner are are highly trainable. Lastly, this breed of cat is also one of the most loyal that you can ever have.

5. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora

This cat breed is very active and often likes to play a lot. This is why they get into a lot of trouble and mischief in the house or with other cats. Also, this cat has a very soft and rich fur that needs proper grooming – all the way to its its silky tail.

4. Abyssinian


These cats were once considered sacred in ancient Egypt. This breed is one of the most playful and active cat breeds that you can ever have. Hence, when you have an Abyssinian at home, make sure that your possessions and food are stored and kept properly as these cats can get really mischievous.

3. Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat

This breed of cat is actually related to the Bengal tiger – hence the wild leopard-like look. This cat is very active and likes to move from one place to another a lot. It is also very intelligent and is highly trainable for cat competitions.

2. Himalayan


Himalayan cats, due to their short legs, are well-behaved and would rather stay in one place. However, they are one of the sweetest cat breeds in the world! They make faces, sounds, and interact with the owner as if they were a baby!

1. Munchkin


This is perhaps the cutest of them all! Perfectly balanced in terms of playfulness and sweetness, this cat breed also looks very different compared to other cat breeds – they look like huggable toy cats – but they are actually alive and real!

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