10 Interesting Scientific Facts That Will Surprise You

Science has progressed a lot in the recent years. There are recent discoveries and innovations that are running the modern world. It is true that Science is continue to aspire for more and inspire the generation with the work. However, there are many facts that we are not sure about and there are many that still leave us amazed and surprised. However, one must understand that the growth of the science is also growth of the people and thus it is important that everyone understands and know the Scientific Facts. It is not possible to list down everything so here are the top 10 scientific facts that will leave your surprised.

1. Human has enough DNA that can be stretched from Sun to Pluto and then back for 17 times.

Each human genome contains the 23 DNA molecules and that contains up to 2.5 million nucleotide pairs. However, the DNA molecules are generally unpaired. If the DNA Molecules are uncoiled then the DNA will be stretched for 17 Pluto round trips.

2. Human body has more bacteria cells than human cells

Human body carries 10 times more bacteria than exterior and the human cells. However, the fact of the matter is that the bacteria are helpful and mostly live in symbiotic relationship with human body. We try to wash our hands and clear off the bacteria to avoid the germs and potential diseases but there are helpful bacteria living inside us.

3. A Photon needs to travel 40000 years to reach surface of the Sun from Core

A photon needs approximately 40000 years to reach to the surface of the sun from the core. However, interestingly, the same photon would take 8 minutes of time to reach to the earth from the surface of the Sun.

4. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure

Coral reefs consist of many coral types. These are invertebrate animals found inside the water. The Great Barrier Reef is the interlinked system of 3000 reefs and 900 coral islands also divided by narrow passages. It is spanned over 2000 kilometers and is the largest living structure in the earth. It is also the only living structure that can be seen from the space.

5. Atoms in the Teaspoonful of water

Teaspoonful water almost consists 2×1023 water molecules and each molecule has 3 atoms. So, if the atoms are laid down end to end then the length would be even bigger than the width of the Solar System just from a Teaspoonful of water.

6. A Person walks equivalent to 5 times around the world along the equator

An average person walks around 7500 steps per day and with that calculation till the age of 80 years, a person would end up in walking almost 110,000 miles. That is equivalent to walking around the earth along equator for five times. So, almost every person does the same in the entire life.

7. Helium at Absolute Zero

When Helium Gas is put at Absolute Zero or 273 Kelvin, the minimum temperature possible, it turns to fluid. However, the properties are surprising. The liquid Helium starts moving against the gravity and starting running up over the container. This phenomenon is also called Super liquid.

8. The Betelgeuse explosion

Betelgeuse is 430 years light years away from earth and is one of the brightest stars in the Earth sky and is the brightest discovered as of now. It is a supergiant star and is one of the rarest kind in universe. It is 10,000 times for luminous than Sun and is also has 370 times greater radius than Sun. However, it is approaching the death and it would be exploded to Supernova with an explosion and the sky will glow for two months at least.

9. The blood flow

If an individual blood cell is concerned then it would take around 60 seconds to cover the entire body. One almost has 5 liters of blood in the body. A healthy heart pumps for 70 times in a minute and pumps 70 ml of blood each time.

10. Earth in Universe

The universe is consisted of uncountable galaxies. A Galaxy on average has 100,000,000,000 and 1,000,000,000,000 stars and more than 100,000,000 planets. So, the chances of Earth being the only planet in the entire universe that can sustain life has a bleak chance and it is actually more than possible that extra territorial life has the existence.

These are some of the scientific facts that will surprise and amaze you.

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