10 Interesting Facts About Kohinoor Diamond

When it comes to diamonds, one of the oldest and precious ones is the famous Kohinoor diamond. It is actually pronounced as “Koh-i-noor”, which is a Persian word that simply means Mountain of Light. If you want to know more about it, here are 10 interesting facts about Kohinoor diamond that you might still don’t know:

10. Kohinoor was originally a 793-carat diamond

Even so, its weight has reduced over time. It is simply because of the fact that it has been cut a number of times in the past before it was preserved to be a national treasure. As a matter of fact, it was known in the past as the largest diamond in the entire world. Today, it is only around 105 carats.

9. It is said to be a cursed precious diamond

It can be confirmed by a Hindu text that was said to be written way back in the year 1306, when the Kohinoor diamond firstly existed. The text said that only women can wear this precious expensive stone, and no men are allowed. It is because men owner of this diamond will experience a number of misfortunes in life.

Kohinoor Diamond

8. Kohinoor was used by the royal family in the United Kingdom

First, it was used by Queen Victoria. However, it was used as the crown of Queen Alexandra when Queen Victoria died. Queen Alexandra, who happened to be the gorgeous King Edward VII’s wife, was crowned with the Kohinoor way back in the year 1902. In the year 1911, it was again transferred to the beautiful crown of Queen Mary.

7. The current owner of Kohinoor is the United Kingdom

Yes, it is the truth, and you can do nothing about it, whether you will accept it or not. The British colonizers acquired this precious possession during their colonization period in India. India may be the original owner of this diamond, but it takes courage, power, and wealth to get it back from the royal family in UK.

6. Duleep Singh personally handed over the Kohinoor to the British Empire’s Queen

It was according to the request of Lord Dalhousie, who happened to be the Governor General of India at that time. It happened during the Punjab’s subjugation in the Sikh War II way back in the year 1849.

5. Kohinoor diamond was found in the wide and abundant land of India

It was found by a group of Indian people in the Southern part of the country. It was particularly in the Golconda region in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, in which the Kakatiya Dynasty reigned the region.

4. Mahlak Deo was the very first owner of the Kohinoor diamond

Well, there was no question about that since he used to be the Raja of Malwa during the Kakatiya Dynasty reign, who dominated the southern part of India in the past years.

3. In the 14th century, the ownership of the precious diamond was transferred to Malik Kafur Khilji

It happened because one of the governor generals in the Khilji Dynasty raided the southern Indian regions, and successfully acquired the Kohinoor from the hands of the rulers of the Kakatiya Dynasty.

2. After some time, it was then acquired by the Mughals, under the hands of Raja Bikramajit of Gwalior

Even so, the battle of power within the entire India continued, until Babur Nama successfully got the ownership of the diamond. It was simply because of the fact that Babur won the Battle of Panipat during the year 1526. It stayed in the ownership of Babur for 200 years.

1. Kohinoor was then called “Babur’s Diamond”

It was the name of the precious diamond after it was given to the heir of Babur, Aurangzeb, when he passed away. However, Nadir Shah, who was a Persian general successfully conquered the throne of Aurangzeb and acquired the diamond. He was the one who called it as Koh-i-Noor.

These are the 10 interesting facts about Kohinoor Diamond. Without a doubt, this is a precious stone that is worth keeping forever.