10 Interesting Facts About Cyrus Mistry Pallonji

The hot topics in the news nowadays, Ex-Chairman of Tata Groups Cyrus Mistry has been in the limelight of top headlines of the news and the fight amongst corporate sector has taken a public face. The fight is between Cyrus Mistry and the leading corporate sector TATA with its base in many services as Electrical Appliances, Transport Sector, Food Sector and many other business branches.

In between of no fault and losses the Tata Groups releases a press release saying that they expel Cyrus Mistry from the most dignified post in Tata Groups “The Chairman” and the Tata Groups successor Ratan Tata has been named as the new and interim Chairman of Tata Groups till the selection of new capable person for the post to be decided in February of next year. The choice of expelling Cyrus Mistry has come as crack amongst the two giant Business Tycoons Tata Groups and of Shapoorji Pallonji & Company (Cyrus Mistry’s Grandfather’s company). The call may prove a great loss for Tata Groups as of Shapoorji Pallonji & Company has its 18.5% shares in Tata Groups that leads it as the largest stakeholders in Tata.

Cyrus Mistry Pallonji

The whole nation is talking about the biggest war in the corporate sector, here is the list of 10 facts about the Big Man expelled from the big post, Mr. Cyrus Mistry, take a look at the list to feel amazed by his achievements that lead him to the top position.

10. Mistry’s love for Books

Most of us want to add habits of successful men in our lifestyle and mannerism in order to rub off some success making abilities from these habits. Follow the trend adds books as your spare time buddies as Cyrus Mistry loves to read the different genre of books in his spare time. The best way to calm your nerves is to add reading ability so add this habit to mark more success in your field.

9. Cyrus’s Father the largest stakeholder in TATA

It will be shocking for you to note that company of Mistry’s father known as of Shapoorji Pallonji & Company is the leading stakeholders in Tata Sons as the company has 18.5% share range in the total stake of Tata. Move by Tata may count Cyrus’s father to revise his decision to invest in Tata and the fight may turn more worst than the present scenario. Cyrus’s father has also been named by the leading magazine Forbes as the “Richest person of Parsi descent.”

8. Pro Golfer

Golf is known as one of the most expensive and elite sports of the world and businessmen around the world play it with keen interest. Cyrus Mistry falls in the same category and plays it regularly, Cyrus not only plays it he shares great success at the sport and has a tag of pro in the golf field with appreciable performance with the short ball.

7. Mistry’s love for Car

Mistry may have turned for a job in Tata groups as he shares a great fond for cars, like many speed lovers with a special category of cars added in parking lots. Cyrus has a collection of different SUV cars and is known to have a great love for SUV’s. Cyrus’s love counts Tata motors to launch the car in SUV range and as a rich man dream, Cyrus owns series of home-made SUV’s no it’s not chocolate or cookies, you heard it right SUV’s.

6. Cyrus’s father financier of Mughal-EI-AZAM

Everyone knows the epic and historical of film Mughal-E-Azam but you will surprise to know that Cyrus’s father played an important role to transform the movie from scripts to the theater. The lavish film with royalty was short of budget and Cyrus’s father provided the needed financial help to it.

5. Cyrus- A Family Man

Most of the families of Business Tycoons complaint about their head to not give enough time to family and relatives, this is not the case with Cyrus as he is known to be a family man with lots of time for them.

4. Introvert Cyrus with Zero Socializing effort

You are seeing his name probably the first time and Cyrus also known to not take much part in the Business Parties to enjoy fame and socializing with new buddies, Cyrus prefers to spend quality time with people he knows well, you may call his social skills are zero.

3. Cyrus is Son-In-Law of popular lawyer

Cyrus is a happily married man and he tied marriage knot with the daughter of the notable and famous name in the law sector, daughter of eminent lawyer Iqbal Chagga is the wife of Cyrus Mistry. The couple is blessed with two sons of school going age.

2. Cyrus Mistry carries behavioral qualities of Ratan Tata

There will be merely a knowledgeable person in India who doesn’t know the name Ratan Tata, the predecessor boss of Cyrus Mistry carries same behavioral qualities as Mistry. Both Tata and Mistry are down to earth, humble soft spoken and candid.

1. Cyrus Mistry-an Irish Citizen

Shocking bit true, the leading name in India’s business sector Cyrus Mistry, in reality, carries Irish Citizenship. Mistry family has to opt for Irish citizenship giving up Indian Citizenship in 2003 as India’s government doesn’t allow dual citizenship.