Leo Zodiac Sign – 10 Facts, Characteristics & Personality Traits

Leo is the zodiac sign of those individuals who have birthdays on July 23 up to August 22. This is symbolized by the king of the jungle, which is a lion animal. Power and majesty are the two main things that depict the zodiac sign of Leo. If you are not that knowledgeable enough when it comes to this particular zodiac sign, then here are 10 facts about Leo zodiac sign personality that will help you understand them even better:

10. Leos are known to be very confident. When they are trying to do something, they always do it with so much confidence in themselves. This is the reason why they have higher chances of getting successful whatever endeavor they are currently having. However, their extreme confidence is also the reason why they are wrongly judged by others to be boastful.

9. Leo-born individuals are pretentious. This is one thing they do, especially if they do not want to be pitied by others. For example if they are turned down by others, they have this response to pretend as if they are not hurt. They act to be normal and pretend that nothing happens. This is their way of relieving themselves.

8. They are known to be ambitious. They always want to be successful. Well, who would not want to anyway? They have this strong ambition that they get what they want. In this thing, their strong confidence helps them a lot in order to achieve their ambitions.

Leo Zodiac Sign

7. Generosity is one positive thing they possess. Being generous is one quality that a lot of people love the most, and this is possessed by those Leo-born individuals out there. This is the main reason why Leos tend to have a lot of friends compared to others.

6. Leos are melodramatic in nature. Leo-born individuals are full of dramas. Hence, if you have known so many of these individuals, then you have to be ready to deal with their dramas. This personality of them makes them really serious even though for a fact that a certain situation is just a tolerable one. They become emotional in the end.

5. They are known to be self-centered. You have to understand that Leo-born individuals love to be the center of everything. This pushes them to perform even better so that all the people surrounding them will get them noticed. They love to be surrounded by the crowd.

4. Loyalty is also a positive personality they possess. They can never be disloyal. If they are your friends, then they will surely be your friends no matter what. Disloyalty is something that these people will not tolerate. They always stand on what they believe in. If you want to be surrounded with loyal people, then they are the ones whom you can befriended with.

3. They are very encouraging. This is another reason why a lot of people love to be their friends. They are the ones whom you can count on when everything seems to be hopeless. They will never fail to encourage you in everything you do. In other words, they are extremely supportive. So, tag them along when you have new endeavors in life.

2. In terms of business, Leos will always float out. It is simply because they have a lot of excellent business ideas. In fact, Leo-born individuals tend to meet some conflicts in their workplace because other people envy them for being excellent in business.

1. Leo-born people love to be complimented. Compliments are something that you can feed to their souls. These compliments can satisfy them after doing something that makes them extremely exhausted. They can be relieved with your flattery. Hence, always have the time to throw compliments on them.

These are the 10 facts regarding Leo zodiac sign personality that you might notice to your Leo friends. These will surely make you know them even more, and fully understand their behaviors.