10 Countries With The Lowest Rates Of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that greatly contributes to the higher mortality rate of the world these days. As a matter of fact, there are so many countries today that are making their actions in lessening the cases of diabetes amongst their own people. Fortunately, some of these countries are very successful in their endeavors of lessening the diabetes cases in their own lands. In relation to this, here are the top ten countries with the lowest rates of diabetes that you should know:

10. Armenia

Diabetes is one common cause of death of the people living in Armenia. Studies show that in the coming 2030, the number of people in the country who are suffering from this fatal disease will be expected to increase around 10 percent. But as of the moment, Armenia only has 2.6 percent rate of diabetes that is much lower compared to other nations.


9. Angola

Today, the rate of diabetes in the beautiful country of Angola is very low, which is only around 2.6 percent. Even so, as the country is continually developing, the lifestyle of many people in the country is also changing and this could be the main cause of the increase of the diabetes rate in Angola in the coming years.

8. Albania

Another country in the world that has very low rate of diabetes is Albania. The specific rate of the country regarding this fatal disease is only 2.6 percent. But since the year 1990, the lifestyle of many people in the country has also been changing. As expected, this lower rate of diabetes may become higher in the near future.

7. Azerbaijan

Though Azerbaijan only has lower rate of Diabetes, the worse thing is the fact that 90 percent of the diabetes acquired by the people in the country is Type 2 Diabetes. This kind of diabetes is acquired because of unhealthy lifestyle. Meaning to say, there is a big chance that the case may increase in the coming years. Good thing the government of Azerbaijan is prioritizing the making of solutions in this particular disease. The country also has 2.6 percent rate of diabetes.

6. Ukraine

Ukraine is another country that has 2.6 percent of rate for diabetes cases amongst its people.  The truth is, over the past 10 years, this rate of diabetes in the country has already increased a bit, which is around 10 percent. The country is known to have a corrupt government. This is one reason why there is no clear funding of the solution of this disease.

5. Georgia

Another country which has lowest rate of diabetes is Georgia. Even though the number of diabetes sufferers in this nation is very low, it cannot be denied that this particular number is much higher compared to the average number of the world diabetes sufferers. The rate is just 2.6 percent. However, the government of Georgia seems to have lower funding of finding the best solution for this health issue.

4. Moldova

A lot of people in Moldova are suffering from tuberculosis, and such disease is closely connected to diabetes. Many people who are suffering from tuberculosis in Moldova  develop diabetes as time goes by. The rate of diabetes in the country is around 2.5 percent.

3. Gambia

The rate of diabetes in this African country is just very low, which is around 2.0 percent. Even so, what makes it very alarming is the fact that most of the people in Gambia are not aware that they already have diabetes. Hence, the fatal disease remains untreated and this lower rate may become extremely high in the future if the unawareness of the people continues.

2. Mali

Mali is very popular all over the world as a poor country located in the African continent. This is the main reason why the local government of Mali has difficult times in giving solution to this particular very serious health problem. However, it is still a good news that the country only has 1.6 percent rate of diabetes.

1. Benin

Benin is a country located in the west part in Africa. This is a very poor country and the number of illiterate people is extremely higher. Aside from diabetes, the people in the country are also suffering from some other severe diseases such as malaria, AIDS, HIV, and even malnutrition. The rate of diabetes in the country is only 1.5 percent.

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These are the top 10 countries with the lowest rates of diabetes. Even though they only have lower cases of diabetes, the government of such countries should also take it very seriously.

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