10 Bollywood Movies That Reminds You of College Life

A person can always associate with movies, whether it is a family drama or a comedy or a movie based on college life. College life is the most crucial and the fun time of everyone’s life and those who have been to college knows, what exactly it feels to be in a college, attend to college fests, dance, sit in the canteens for hours, bunk classes and go for movies, sit on the amphitheaters and read a book in peace. There are so many things that one can associate with while in college. And there are a lot of movies that are based in the college, which will surely remind you of your college days. The first love, the ten thousand crushes, the lies, the truths, the secrets, college has everything and no one can deny it. It is one of the best times of everyone’s life and that is the time when a person makes a lot of more friends for life.

Here is a list of Top Ten Bollywood Movies that reminds you of College Life:

10. Yaariyan

Directed by Divya Khosla Kumar, this is one of the movies that will remind you of the college life. The movie is fun to watch and it also shows what exactly a posh college looks like. Based on a College in Sikkim, this is one of the movies describing the lives of college students.

 9. Ishq Vishk

It was released in the year 2003, and Ken Ghosh directed it. This is one of the movie, which was a huge hit amongst the youth and everyone enjoyed watching this movie and could clearly connect to the college life.

8.  F.A.L.T.U

This is one of the best movies that will remind you of your college. The movie stars four guys who are just academically challenged and then they plan to open their own college. It is funny, shows the life of kids who are not in to studies and what all goes in their minds. It was released in 2011 and was directed by Remo.

7.  2 States

This movie was adapted from the novel of the same name, which was written by Chetan Bhagat. The movie portrayed the life of students and how things are in a college and outside the college as well. It is one of the best movies that will remind you of college life. It was directed by Abhishek Varman.

6.  Dil Dosti Etc.

Manish Tiwari directed the movie and it was released in the year 2007. The Movie is funny, hilarious and also showcases the life of Delhi students and the college election scenes.

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