The Ten Most Destructive Computer Viruses Ever

The Internet nowadays has become a backbone for everyone. We cannot image our single day without using the internet. There are hundreds of viruses available which are rolled out through numerous ways and damages the software as well as hardware of the computer. Few viruses are very dangerous which damages as well as corrupt our saved data. By reading this article, you will come to know the types of viruses which are available and how they damage our systems.

10. Stuxnet

Stuxnet is the malicious computer virus which targets programming logic controller which we call them as software. This virus has first damaged Iran’s computer in the year 2009 and thereby in the year 2010 it was discovered.

9. Conficker Virus

Downup or Downadup or Kido are the other names of Conficker virus which mostly targets Microsoft Windows operating system. This virus was initially detected in the year 2008. This virussteals the private information. This virus is having such complexity that it is difficult to stop and has damaged millions of computer.

8. Agent.Btz

Agent.Btz is the spyware which is commonly known as autorun. In 2008, Agent.Btzwas used for thecyberattack in the United States. The infected flash drives are used to spread this virus as malware is installed and steal the private information. This virus was found earlier on Pentagon computers.

7. Zeus

ZeuS or Zbot are the other names of Zeus virus. This is basically a trojan horse malware and is mostly used by criminals or hackers who are stealing all the personal information like passwords, address, date of birth and security numbers of the users. In 2007, the virus was found and identified as the virus was used for stealing information which was available by United States Department of Transportation. Until today, we still have the threat of this virus.

6. PoisonIny

Remote access Trojan is also known as PoisonInvy which controls the user’s computer secretly and infects the computer from different location. As soon as this virus is installed in computer, the attacker has all rights to manipulate, control as well as access the speakers as well as webcam of your computer for recording audio and creating video.

Destructive Computer Viruses

5. Mydoom

W32.MyDoom@mm, Novarg, Mimail R, Shimgapi are the other names of Mydoom virus which was identified in 2004. This virus was spreaded rapidly which overloads the computer with multiple information and infected e-mails was the medium to spread this virus. Once the virus is download, it automatically access and download the e-mail addresses and starts infecting the other users available in your address book.

4. Fizzer

In 2003, there were many virues which were rapidly spreading with the help of emails in the computer where Fizzer was one of them. Fizzer is the initial virus which was created to gain the financial information. The virus was created to harm the offering of $250,000 of Microsoft in the exchange of the information which lead to capture the creators. Although, Fizzer warm was not that fast as compared to other worms.

3. Slammer

Slammer or we can also say SQL Slammer, a computer worm which was found in 2003. This virus damaged the denial services of internet hosts which resulted in decreasing the traffic of internet. The worm spread rapidly and infected almost 75,000 users in thespan of 10 minutes. The virus was so powerful that it disturbed the transmitted data which was sent via the internet and attacked various key services which resulted in acomplete stop of the services.

2. Code Red

In 2001, the code red virus was created basically to affect Microsoft’s running IIS web servers. This virus was used to make the some websites down which were running on IIS web servers. The was one the site which was infected by code red worm. As the government website was infected so all the government agencies removed their websites temporarily.

1. I love you

Virus named love letter is the other name of I Love You computer worm which was found in 2000. This virus was rapidly spread using emails which had a subject “I Love You” and it was likely assumed that most of the users will open the mails which has malicious. Once the user opens the mail, the malicious software runs and overwrites the various image files and music files and also searches for user’s username and password. This virus became the pioneer socially engineered virus.


Computer threats are always there which approaches in your computer in some or the other way. To prevent your information to be infected by such viruses once should have anti-virus software installed on the computer. This anti-virus software blocks the viruses and prevents your computer from getting infected with viruses that come through the internet.

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