Why Are Menstrual Cups Better Than Tampons?

The latest technologies have gifted us with many valuable things. A good population of our world suffers from menstruation issues. You will feel glad to know that menstruation cups and tampons were established a long time ago. However, tampons were thought to be much more economical and valuable for the users. With time, pollution became a significant problem. People started to realize the impacts of pollution and thus gave better stress on sanitary pads and tampons. With time, menstrual cups came into use and were more useful than the other products. Extensive research work has found that you can reuse menstrual cups several times.

What do menstrual cups and tampons mean?

Before proceeding into the subject you must have a clear concept of menstrual cups and tampons. Menstrual cups are such a device that is used to collect the fluid during the menstruation period. They are designed in such a manner so that you can fix it against the cervix, and it can flatter like a disc shape.

Tampons are devices that are inserted inside the vagina. They absorb the fluid that is secreted. The mode of working of the two products is entirely different.

Which are better menstrual cups or tampons?

Menstrual Cups and Tampons

Here you will learn about the fact which is better. Is it menstrual cups or tampons? A general discussion has revealed the fact that menstrual cups are always better and safer than tampons. Here are the main points that we will discuss.

  • The first differences that lie between the two are menstrual cups are not disposable while tampons are disposable.
  • Tampons work by absorbing the fluids, whereas menstrual cups collect the fluid instead of absorbing it. It is another advantage of using menstrual cups.
  • The leakage rate is much lower in menstrual cups. It is seen that many times you may experience leakage from tampons. This is embarrassing for you, especially when you are stepping out of your house.
  • Menstrual cups are always safe and better because they do not affect vaginal flora. But you may have some issues after using the tampons for some period. The cups do not cause any damage to the tissues, which is vital. Regular use of tampons can affect these parts of the body. Thus you may face health issues after a specific period.
  • Tampons are in the market for an extended period. They are expensive, but still, people prefer to use them because the product has gained people’s faith. But menstrual cups are economical and safer. You can use it for a long time without any major issues. They can protect your intimate areas with no major issues.
  • Owing to the present work culture and lifestyle of the woman, it is always better and good to use menstrual cups. You can use it for a long time without changing it. You can stay free and relaxed even during your tough days.

A complete overview of tampons and menstrual cups:


Tampons were established around the 1930s. It was presumed to be much safer for a woman who is below 41 years of age. Many women believe that tampons are much convenient for them because they are available in various sizes and have multiple levels of absorbency. You must know well that some women experience heavy flow during their menstruation phase while others experience low flow.

During the 1980s, some issues came up with the use of tampons. By using tampons, you need to change it after every four to eight hours. Sometimes it may become tough to change. With the outbreak of Toxic Shock Syndrome, the company took off some of the tampons from the market. This lowered and hampered the growth of tampons in the market.

Menstrual cups:

It is known from various sources that the women mainly availed menstrual cups of western countries. It was also in the market for a long time. However, two types of menstrual cups are available. One is the soft and disposable menstrual cups. On the other hand, the other one is the bell-shaped cup that is made with leather. You can reuse it. Both of these types of menstrual cups are used to collect the fluids. This is the specialty of the cups, and they do not allow absorption of the fluids.

An average percentage of women prefer to use menstrual cups because you can safely wear them for 12 hours. Even the menstrual cups require less maintenance cost. If you buy the branded ones, you can safely use them for a long duration. But tampons need to be changed. The risk of leakage is less in menstrual cups than the tampons.

Because of several reasons, it is found that menstrual cups are always fit for modern women. They can safely move by using the cups. It is better to rely upon menstrual cups as they are reliable and safe.

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