How To Make Your Own Cloth Sanitary Pads?

If we look back, it will be found that during the early day’s people used to make sanitary pads in their own homes. They were found to be much better and hygienic. You can use some cotton clothes for making the sanitary pads. With the use of modern technology and skills, you can now get sanitary pads through various online sites. They are cheaper and good. But if you wish, you can try to make the sanitary pads at home. It is an exciting task that anyone can do. You need to follow some simple and easy steps to make cloth sanitary pad.

Best way to make sanitary pads with clothes:

How To Make Your Own Cloth Sanitary Pads?

Here are the main things you need to follow while making a sanitary pad with a cotton cloth.

  • It would help if you had pure cotton clothes for making a sanitary pad. Cotton clothes are always safe for your skin. It will never cause any rashes on the skin.
  • You will also need buttons and kam-snaps for stitching the pads around the panties.
  • You will also require an iron.
  • Apart from all this, you need thread sewing machines and pins. These are the main ingredients of making a sanitary pad. Thus very few things are required for making a sanitary pad.

Process of making sanitary pads:

In the first step, you need to trace around the cloth. You can use a pen or a pencil whatever you are having in your hand to do this. Then cut out two of each pattern. You should cut it with the help of a scissor. The cutting needs to be uniform. In the next step, you have to turn the fabric inside out and sew the liner all around the edges.

Follow the process and see that no openings are leftover. You need to follow the same step for the wings of the pad. Now snip a hole in one side of both the wings and the pad.  Use this process to turn the fabric right. Follow the same process for both the wings and iron each of the sides. Don’t forget to put the sides with the holes together to not see when the pad is finished.

Now you have to sew the pad onto the wings. The stitching should be done correctly and tightly so that no space is left. It is the most crucial part while making a sanitary pad.

Now comes the closure pad. If you are not interested in investing much, you can use a Velcro or a button. They will cost less money. If you are planning to do something good, you can use a snapper tool. The snapper tools have snaps that will hold the pads tightly with the panty. It may cost a little bit, but it will be a better choice for making a sanitary pad. Many people also use plastic snaps for carrying out the work.

This is enough to make a sanitary pad with cotton clothes. It will hardly take twenty minutes to make a sanitary pad.

Essential tips for making cotton pads:

Here are some essential tips you need to follow while making sanitary pads with cotton clothes.

  • You need to focus on the quality of the cloth. You must remember that it will give you short time service if you try to buy the cheaper ones. It is better to buy high-quality cotton fabrics.
  • The fabric should be 100% cotton. Any other material will cause sweating and rashes on the skin. It may be harmful to the skin.
  • Never forget to wash the cloth before using. If it is a cotton one, it will shrink. So, if you wash the fabric after making the pad, it will be a total wastage.
  • Never use laundry detergent to clean or wash the clothes. Use some mild soap that will help to clean the cotton cloth.
  • Try to use better methods of stitching while making the pads. It is okay if you use sewing machines as they would work or function much better.
  • If you do not have sewing machines be particular to use good sewing needles.

You will find several people who are attached to the work of making sanitary pads at home. It is a good business that can earn you good profits. On the other hand, you can also get a hygienic product to use during the crucial periods of the month.

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