What Is The Role of an Electric Switch Board in Power Flow?

We depend on electricity for almost all our needs and have a host of appliances and machinery that make our lives easier. With the exponential rise in demand, our needs have expanded, and thus more electrical fixtures step in to bridge that gap.

In the complex system of getting power from the main source of supply to the electrical devices, various equipment facilitates the flow of current. One such device is the electric switch board that acts as the meeting point from where electric current is then distributed to the different locations.

electric switch board

How Does It Work?

The electricity provider’s power moves through the electric switch board, which then relays the electricity to the different locations that come under the power grid. This distribution happens through circuits. Simply put, the switch board transfers electricity from one source to another and is thus a critical part of any power distribution process.

They get their power from a major source like a power generator and supply power to transformers, panels which then further distribute the power. It has several electric panels with each containing a switch to transfer electricity.

In this way, an electric switch board can have one large panel or many panels to control the flow of power. It does this by dividing the main flow of current into smaller branches that are then fed into smaller devices.

Today’s electric switch board is completely closed off and is usually encased in a metallic box of some kind. It hasa ‘dead front’ construction, which means that no part of the switchboard that has energy passing through it is outside. This metal enclosure is then bound to the earth ground to add a layer of protection. They are usually floor mounted with enough space on the top and bottom for connections to be placed.

What Are Some Of The Precautions?

Since the electric switch board deals with huge power, one must be very careful in handling them. The person operating it should place measures against the risk of electrocution. This can be done through fuses and switches that can detect any glitch or fault and can sever the connection with the power source.

The distribution process is also protected by specific controls that ensure that the power is handled safely. Gauges, load sharing controls are some of the few ways to ensure complete control over the power supply.

If the electric switch board needs repair, the power should be turned off for it to ensure safety. This is done to protect the electrician from any risk of a shock. However, sometimes the fault requires that the repair be done on a live switch board. In this case, every kind of protection, including gloves, glasses, rubber mats, must be taken. This greatly reduces the risk of any fatal injury.

An electric switch board is a device that sits at the very center of the power distribution structure. It helps control power coming in from large power sources and aids in the distribution of the power to different locations.  It is the gatekeeper of current that powers our cities, appliances, and industries in many ways. There are different types of switch boards that differ based on size, function, capacity, rating, and voltage type.

Suppose you are unsure of the kind of board that is best suited for your needs. Then we recommend you get in touch with a qualified professional or a leading service provider to ensure you buy the right type of switch boards for your residential, commercial, or industrial facility!

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