What is the punishment for forgery in India?

Forgery is a false statement made by the wrongdoer with any ill motive or evil intention. The primary purpose is to cheat a person. It is a severe crime. The news of cheating and fraud that we heard is called forgery. In the present time, the wrong-doers are adopting many advanced and technological skills to make frauds. If this is not stopped the society will no more be a place to reside. Any type of electronic record is also considered a fraud. The administration and competent authorities should take strict steps.

What is the punishment for forgery?

Before knowing the punishment of forgery, you must be well-aware of the elements of the crime. This will help in better understanding the crime. It will also help to take proper steps if required.

  • Anyone making a false statement is said to have done forgery.
  • Such statements should be made with a fraudulent intention.
  • If the purpose is to cause any bodily injury or harm, it will be considered as forgery.
  • To damage the property of the person is also said as a forgery.
  • To commit fraud in the future is also considered to be a forgery.

Thus forgery includes a vast field. The crime of fraud comes under section 464 of the Indian Penal Code. It should be taken as a severe crime, and the culprits deserve severe punishment.

According to section 467, whoever commits or forges the document as valuable security commits the crime of forgery. The culprit will be imprisoned of ten years. He is also subjected to fine. The time of imprisonment may also increase. If any of the documents support the crime of the person, he will be subjected to punishment.

Section 472 to 476 of the Indian Penal Code deals with forgery and is related issues. On the other hand, Section 477-A of the Indian Penal Code also deals with two types of crime. One is defrauding or destroying books and accounts or even an electronic record. The second one is abetting or making any false statements. It also comes under forgery. It is a modified form of fraud done with advanced means and techniques. You will get several such cases that deal with forgery issues. You can also come across some landmark cases that are taken as illustrations by the court.

The subject of forgery is vast. It includes matters when a person enters into the country’s territory and commits any fraud, then it comes under the crime of forgery. He will be liable to fraud under section 463 of the Indian Penal code. Every day we come with several cases where people are cheated. We have to be cautious before making any agreement or promises. We have to be sanguine while making any promises. Never make any false promises without knowing the whole thing. If we are cautious, we can deal with any situation. In other words, we can stay away from being cheated by the fraudsters. It is our primary thing.