What Exactly Is List A Cricket?

There are many different kinds of cricket matches. The best cricket betting rate 1xBet India is available for all punters, who can take advantage of them on all kinds of matches of this sport. Some concepts that sometimes can be confused between themselves. They are:

  • Test matches;
  • first-class matches;
  • and List A matches.

The definition of a List A match is quite simple. In order to qualify as such, the match in question must be of a limited overs format, and its games can’t be more than a day long. The cricket betting rates on 1xBet India are definitely the most convenient in the market, and they can be used for wagering on all those kinds of contests.


Grouping matches

From the aforementioned definitions, it is already possible to see which matches are and are not part of the List A contests. Due to the fact that these matches must be no more than eight hours long, Test matches are automatically discarded as List A. This is because these events can be many days long. The website https://www.1xbet.in/line/kabaddi can be used to wager on great kabaddi events, which can also be equally interesting.

A kind of match that perfectly fits with this definition are One-Day Internationals. However, these are not the only List A matches. Lots of contests played at a domestic level are also included as List A events. Additionally, there are many countries that don’t have ODI status yet. However, if they play matches that have a format similar to the ODI ones, these events will still count as List A. The 1xBet website is a fully-fledged online bookmaker that can be used to wager on all these kinds of cricket events.

Retrospective application

There is an additional definition applied to List A cricket matches. In general, each innings must have between 40 and 60 overs. This also leaves Twenty20 matches outside of this definition, as as their name implies, they have 20 overs per innings. Punters can also bet on table tennis at 1xBet, which can be as rewarding as wagering on fantastic cricket matches.

Prior to 2006, the term “List A” wasn’t officially considered by the International Cricket Council. However, things changed in that year. Many cricket historians started to work in order to review the archives of different cricket matches that took place over the decades. As such, lots of events that took place all over the world started to be officially recognized as List A cricket events. The 1xBet website can be used to bet on table tennis and also at cricket, where punters can take advantage of incredible odds.

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