25 Types of Bra Every Girl & Women Should Know

If you want to look good in the dress or the top that you are wearing, you need a good inner wear. Sometimes, your dress does not look as good as you want it to look because you fail to team it up with an appropriate bra. Today, you have plenty of choices available at your disposal to suit the type of dress that you intend to wear. From backless bra to a full coverage one, seamless bra, etc. you have a whole list of choices.

The following are a few of them

1. Full Support Bra

full suupport bra

This type of bra helps to give full support to the structure. Most Indian bras are typical of this type. If you have a heavy breast structure, you would probably prefer this to any other kind.

2. Stick-On Bra

This is the type of bra in which the cups are not supported with a strap. They provide very little support which is why they are not recommended for women with a heavy breast structure.

3. Belly Dance Bra

belly dance bra

If you are looking forward to getting a perfect innerwear for yourself while you are dancing, you can go for this type. It provides adequate support as well as coverage. It is also the type which will be preferred if you have heavy breasts.

4. Corset Bra

corset bra

The newest addition to the varied types of innerwear that is today available on the market for women is the corset bra. The design of the bra is such that it helps to provide shape to the overall upper part of the body. If you are wearing something that is too fit for you, you should opt for this.

5. Front Closure Bra

front closure bra

If you are looking for a good quality innerwear that will help you get a better support for the breasts, you should go for this particular type. In this type, the hooks are located at the front part as against the traditional wears in which you have hooks at the back of the bra.

6. Halter Neck Bra

halter neck bra

This is another type of innerwear which will help your breasts get full coverage and support. Mostly, women prefer halter necks when they go to the gym or are playing a sport.

7. Plunge Bra

plunge bra

There is a U-shape in between the two cups of the bra. The cups are joined together with a thin piece of cloth. If you are wearing a dress that has a neckline deeper than the usual one, you should go for this type of bra. You can also wear backless blouses with ease now.

8. Minimizer Bra

minimizer bra

Well, if you have very heavy breasts but do not want them to appear so big, you can go for this type of innerwear. As the name suggests, it is the type that will help your breasts look smaller in volume than they actually are. It also provides good support.

9. Sports Bra

sports bra

If you are looking for that perfect innerwear that will support your heavy breasts at the time when you are busy lifting those weights or running on a treadmill, then you should go for the sports bra which has especially been designed for the purpose.

10. Maternity Bra

maternity bra

If you are pregnant and are looking for an innerwear that can adequately support your ever-increasing breast size, you should opt for this type. It is expandable and can appropriately adjust the size of your breasts increases during the time when you are pregnant.

11. Nursing Bra

nursing bra

Another bra that you should have in your closet when you are about to become a mother is the nursing This bra has an area in the cups where the child can easily breastfeed.

12. Push-up Bra

Pushup Bra

As the name suggests, this type of bra will help to push the breasts and showcase the cleavage in a better way. This can come in a padded form or even without it.

13. Soft-Cup Bra

soft cup bra

In this type of bra, the cups of the inner wear are padded but only softly. There is no underwire present in these. If you are looking that provides good support and can be worn on a daily basis, the soft-cup variety should be your choice of the bra.

14. Sheer Bra

sheer bra

If you are looking for glamour rather than adequate support, this is the type of bra for you. It is made of lace and nets and is see through. These make for luxury designs.

15. Strapless Bra

strapless bra

As true to its name, the inner wear does not have any straps and there are just two cups to support your breast. It may not be too comfortable and if you have heavy breasts, this one is a no-no for you.

16. Backless Bra

backless bra


If you are planning to wear a dress and show off your back, then you should go for this type of bra. This type has a really low back and you sure can carry off that backless dress of yours by wearing this bra.

17. Multiway Bra

multiway bra

This adds versatility to your innerwear These types are available with detachable straps. You can easily attach the straps whenever you wish to do so. hence, this can be worn either as a strapless bra or as a normal bra. You, however,have to be extremely careful when you go for this one as the straps can be uncomfortable to put on the bra.

18. Seamless Bra

seamless bra

This is the most recommended type of bra which every girl and women should have in her closet. Basically, if your bra is not seamless, the seams will appear when you wear your outfit. That does not go down well with all the onlookers. Hence, in order to get that perfect look for your dress, you should go for the seamless bra.

19. Demi Bra

demi bra

Another type of bra is the demi bra. The bust line of this particular type is horizontal in shape and the straps are also broader when you compare it with the other types. You can go for this type if you are wearing a dress which has a deep neckline.

20. Bandeau Bra

bandeau bra

This is a type of bra in which there is a piece of cloth and you warp the same around your breasts. They provide very little support and should not be worn if you have heavy breasts. However, it can be worn comfortably if you are at home or even when you are going to sleep.

21. The Balconette Bra

the balconette bra

In order to get a better shape to your breasts, go for the balconette bra or the balcony bra. If you are a woman with very small breasts, you could add volume by wearing this type.

22. Trainer Bra

trainer bra

If your breasts have just started to develop in size and volume, you should better go for the trainer bras. Although they provide good support, they are not very tight. This is generally worn by young girls when they just begin to start wearing bras.

23. T-Shirt Bra

t-shirt bra

If you are wearing a t-shirt and are afraid that your regular bra will not look good on it, you should go for the t-shirt bra. It helps you give a good The t-shirt bra shall help you a great deal when you want to hide your breasts from being shown from the top or the t-shirt that you are wearing.

24. Cami Bra

cami bra

If you are wearing low cut dresses and tops, you should go for this type of bra. In the Cami bras, there are no cups. However, the elastic band helps to give great support to your breasts.

25. Cage Bra

cage bra

This is a sure addition to your innerwear collection if you do not already have one. The comfort offered by it is really handy in the hot Indian climate. This type of bra also makes for a great fashion statement.

The above are some of the bras available in the market for all the girls and women out there. There are many more inner wear collections. However, these are some of the best varieties available.

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