Top 10 Best Matrimonial Sites in India – Most Trusted

It is rightly said that marriages are made in heaven, but the meeting between partners has to be arranged on the earth, particularly in case of arranged marriages. Tough love marriages have become a trend these days, yet many people still rely on matrimonial websites to get in touch with their would be life partners.

Here are top 10 most popular online matrimonial websites in India.

10. is a well known matrimonial website, which helps people in India make customized searches for a suitable life partner, keeping in mind the factors like age, community, caste, religion, profession, etc. it has a paid premium plan, but members can also enjoy free facilities. The website came into being in 2002.


The next name to feature on the list of top 10 most popular online matrimonial websites in India 2015 is that of, a site which not only helps you meet your perfect life partner but also provides information about wedding related services such as beauty parlors, caterers and florists. It was launched in 1998.


Since divorces have become common in the Indian society, the online matrimonial website called was launched in 2009, to specifically cater to the divorcee clients looking for good matches. Here, registered members can know each other through live chats and can also download the free Android app.


Another matrimonial website which is meant for people opting for second marriages after divorce or death of the spouse, is The website entered the Indian market in 2007.


Established in 2002, this particular website brings matrimonial services absolutely free of cost and makes sure that clients get all they are looking for in finding a great match, without having to pay for it.

5. is a renowned matrimonial website which is meant to look after the interests of clients from different communities and has more than 350 community sites for this purpose. Despite the large number of options available on the site, its user friendly interface makes it easy to study these options. The site has been functioning since 2009.


A relatively newer entry on the Indian matrimonial scenario is SimplyMarry .com, another trustworthy website which conducts specialized searched on the basis of community, mother tongue, profession and religion. It caters to the need of NRI clients too, with its NRI Matrimonial SimplyMarry segment. It started giving its services in 2006.


Featuring next on the list of top 10 most popular online matrimonial websites in India 2015 is, a website which made its way in the Indian market in 2000 and has become a reputed name today. It helps members find perfect matches and has a distinct section for upper class clientage, under the name of Elite Matrimony. This site too has a free Android app and live chat features.

2. is a well known online matrimonial portal which offers search for the most compatible life partner on the basis of a variety of criteria. In addition to round the clock client support and live chats, the website also offers a free app for Androids. The reputed website was launched long time back in 1999.


One of the most acclaimed matrimonial websites in the country is, which has been serving the prospective brides and grooms since its launch in 1997. It has specialized features such as 24X 7 customer support, membership privileges, astrological consultation, members live chat and customized search based on a variety of factors such as age, religion, education, pictures and lifestyle.

All these well known matrimonial websites have been of great help for marriageable men and women in India as well as their families to find eligible matches for them.

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