10 of the Most Dangerous Sports Around World

Playing sports is the best ways to stay fit as when you play any sport you move every part of the body in some way or the other. There are various sports that are played across the world. And every sport is interesting whether you play it or just look at the sport. But of these sports few are extremely dangerous, and sometimes so dangerous that you might die while playing these sports. Adventure is something, but playing something so foolish and life threatening is just another thing. People still play these sports and many people do die or injure themselves to much, while they play these sports and there is no one who can do anything in return as they play these sports with their own will. These sports are extremely dangerous and should not be played.

Here is a list of Top Ten Most Dangerous Sports in the World

10. River Rafting

River Rafting is indeed fun, but it is a dangerous as well. The Raft is used as the carrier and the mode of transportation, and you cannot really trust them. The flow of the river can be very dangerous at times as it might throw you hard on the rock, in result hurting you.

9.  Horse Riding

Horse riding looks very interesting, but it is also one of the most dangerous sports. It brings out a lot of challenges and you are just depending on one horse, which is running like a wind, if you lose your balance, you might hurt your real bad.

8. BMX

It is a cycle sport, where the people uses special kinds of sport cycles known as BMX. The basic sport includes just racing, but apart from that it includes a lot of stunts, which are very dangerous. It is one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

7. Street Luge

It is similar to skating; the difference being in this a person lies down on the board and dashes out in extreme high speed. There are a lot of turns and turbulences and if not careful, he might dash into something, and hurt himself very badly. Hence it is one of the most dangerous sports in the World.

6. Wave Surfing

This sport is very adventures and thrilling, but it is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. The surfers are well trained and they perform this sport. But you cannot trust the waves, can you? And while surfing the waves are just above you and if you miss the speed, no one can tell you what might happen next. Scary, much!

5. Base Jumping

Might be thrilling to a lot of people, but it is very dangerous. In this sport you jump from a cliff, which is thousands of feet above the sea level and you are just relying on the equipment. But, what if it doesn’t work. Dangerous, indeed!

4. Bull Riding

You must have seen this sport a lot on TV, and you might have witnessed how dangerous and scary it is. The riders sit on the bull, and then tries to balance themselves. If they fall, it causes a lot of severe injuries. It is thus one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

3. Scuba Diving

It is one of the most common sports, and a lot of people gets thrills and want to perform this sport. It is of course exciting and thrilling but it comes with a lot of risks. In scuba diving you use a pipe to breathe underwater, and while diving if the dive is too hard then it may destruct the pipe, or might cause lung, brain or spinal cord failure.

2. Heli Skiing

As the name suggests, this sport is related with helicopters and skiing. The people in this jump from a helicopter and ski down. You can never trust the mountains, and especially snow mountains. The weather can change anytime and can also cause avalanches. It is thus, one of the most scariest sports in the world.

1. Bull Running

Bull Running

This is the World’s most dangerous Sport. In this sport, the people gather on the streets and then the bulls are released who runs madly. They have big horns and can easily harm you with that. And they are so heavy, that if they step on you then you might get hurt dangerously. This insane sport takes places in the streets of Spain and it is the most dangerous sport in the world.

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