Top Ten Fattest Countries in the World

One of the biggest problems experienced by the world today is obesity. There are so many people these days who are suffering from overweight or obesity. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization has recently conducted a scientific study, and it reveals that over 1.6 billion of the world populations are suffering from the said condition. In relation to this, here are the top ten fattest countries in the world that you should keep in mind:

10. Kiribati

Kiribati is actually an island nation that is exactly located in the Central Pacific. It is composed of 33 chains of islands that are mainly composed of corals. In other words, this is a country that is greatly gifted with breathtaking islands and beaches. Even so, it cannot be denied that there are lots of people here who are having overweight or obesity problem. The percentage of obese people in the country is 73.6 percent.

9. United States of America

The United States of America is composed of 51 states. In other words, the country has higher population and many of these people are overweight or obese. Obesity has been a very serious problem of the American people for a very long time already. The percentage of people in the US who are obesity is around 74.1 percent.

8. Kuwait

Kuwait is a beautiful country in the Middle East that is very popular for its extremely rich history. It is one of the countries that are the centers of the topics in the history of the world. Great leaders like Alexander the Great was said to be living here before. Despite its rich history, the country is experiencing a serious problem with obesity, which is 74.2 percent when it comes to percentage.

7. Palau

Over 500 islands are what the Palau archipelago is consisting. It is one beautiful nation in the Oceania that is gifted with abundant nature and beautiful beaches. Even though it is just a small country, Palau has a lot of people who are suffering from obesity. The percentage is 78.4 percent.

6. Samoa

Samoa is another country in the Oceania that is facing a big problem regarding obesity on its people. It may be a beautiful country that is known for world class beaches and abundant rainforests, but its obesity issue is killing it. The percentage of obese people in the country is 80.4 percent.

5. Niue

Niue is just a small island country that is exactly located on the South Pacific Ocean. Coral-reef dive sites as well as the beautiful limestone cliffs are the trademarks of this nation that a lot of tourists love. Even so, this country is also very popular because of its high percentage of obese people, which is around 81.7 percent.

4. Tonga

Tonga is actually one Polynesian kingdom, and it is a country that is also located in the Oceania. It is composed of over 170 islands, and most of these islands are inhabited. The thing now is that the country is included in the list of nations in the world that have higher percentage of obese people. This particular percentage is around 90.8 percent.

3. Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is an archipelago that is located in the South Pacific. This is a country that has a lot of things to offer to its tourists like rich culture, white-coral architectures, beautiful beaches and so many others. Nevertheless, the country has this big problem that it is facing for quite some time already. This is the higher obesity percentage of the people, which is 90.9 percent.

2. Federated States of Micronesia

There are actually a lot of countries in the Oceania that are facing serious problems with overweight and obesity, and one is the Federated States of Micronesia. It is a nation that can be found in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. Believe it or not, this country is made up of over 600 beautiful islands that are gifted with beautiful beaches and abundant rainforests. However, it cannot be denied that it is suffering from higher percentage of obese people, which is 91.1 percent.

1. Nauru


Nauru is an island nation that belongs to Micronesia. It can be found in the northeast part of Australia, and this is the number one when it comes to the top 10 fattest countries in the entire world. Meaning to say, this has the most number of people who are suffering from overweight problems or obesity. The exact obesity percentage of the country according to the recent study conducted by the World Health Organization is 94.5 percent.

These are the top ten fattest countries in the world that you should know. Without a doubt, these counties are experiencing serious problem regarding overweight or obesity. The local governments of each of these countries should do something about it before the situation gets worse.

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