Top 20 Best International Schools in India

Education is very important for the kids to grow and develop and to providing them with the best and quality education, is the duty of the parents. There are various schools across the country, few are normal, few are international. People nowadays prefer to put their kids in International schools, for their overall development. These schools focus on the overall development of the child and prepare them for tomorrow. Along with providing them with quality education they also provide a lot of extracurricular activities to the kids.

Here is a list of top ten International schools in India.

20. International School of Hyderabad


ISH is an English medium co-instructive day school that gives training to youngsters between the ages of a year and a half to 18 years. At present our understudy body constitutes of more than 300 substitutes from more than 28 distinguished nations. Most of the stand-ins at ISH are from abroad.


19. Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Mumbai

One of the best international schools located in Mumbai, Rustomjee Cambridge International School focuses on societal development, co-existence culture, overall student development and competitive future integration. The involvement of technology alongside the highly curtailed international curriculum makes this school one of the best choices. The school has many other branches.


18. Good Shepherd International School, Ooty


Great Shepherd International School was established by Dr.P.C.Thomas in February 1977. A straightforward, yet unmistakable and firm basic reasoning of the school, to give a comprehensive education while being immersed with the rich Indian illuminating method and center qualities, has been gotten absolutely around the world.


17. The International School, Bangalore


The school plans to give an energizing all-around training as the first stage in a specifically satisfying and socially helpful life. It plans understudies for University concentrates on around the world.


16. Oberoi International School, Mumbai


The school has more than 400,000 square feet of instructive and athletic departments, including an intrusive tennis courts, swimming pool, a gleaming and incisive edge eating corridor, two modern libraries, and a 400-seat theatre. The cutting edge and globally styled grounds have been composed by a Singapore-based, incredibly famous designer.


15. The British School, New Delhi

One of the most renowned and highly prestigious international schools, the British School focuses on the world wide modern curriculum. The overall development of the students from physical, psychological, behavioural and rational thinking is focused on the school. Students of various nationality study in this school with the international syllabus.


14. Woodstock School, Mussoorie


Situated in the Northern state of Uttarakhand, the campus covers more than 250 acres of forest on the foothills of the Himalayas. Arranged somewhere around 2000 and 2300 meters above ocean level on a south-bound slant, it appreciates astounding perspectives over the Doon Valley.


13. Kodaikanal International School, Ooty


Kodaikanal International School (KIS) commented 100 years of Christian global instruction in 2001. KIS is situated at 2133m in the serene Palani Hills of South India, a locale known for its rough excellence and cool mild atmosphere.


12. Scottish High International School, Gurgaon


As one enters Scottish High International School, what strikes the most is the extravagant structure. The remarkable gritty and rusted block makes one drive to look all starry eyed at the first sight. The rooftop clad with dim tiles and a la mode decorations are reminiscent of revered English standards and are implicit commonplace Scottish style building design that legitimizes the name of the school.


11. Sadhbhavana World School, Kozhikode

This is an international school that focuses on the modern generation and time. The school is entirely competitions focused and ensure that the student remains up to date with the world in the new generation of competition. However, that does not really mean that the school only focuses on academic sessions, it also put the focus on the activities for learning and development.


10. Indus International School, Bangalore


Indus International School, Bangalore developed in July 2003 at Sarjapur close to Bangalore and is the brainchild of the Indus Trust. The personnel, showing instructional program and duties are of genuinely world-class standards which fuel an ardor for getting in, and admiration for social assorted qualities and a substantial feeling of social obligation among the students.


9. École Mondiale World School, Mumbai

You need to be guaranteed that the training that your kid gets is balanced, saturated with a soul of inquiry and covering the advanced art and, in addition, the sciences. It would offer you to realize that several our understudies some assistance with having been put in presumed colleges, both in India and universally taking after their school graduation.


8. Ryan Global School, Mumbai

One of the highly reputed and recognized international school, Ryan Global School is one of the favourites for the parents. The highly modernized curriculum and the adaptation of the technologies in the studies make it one of the best choices. The activities of the students for growing, learning and developing have a major impact on the little brains. The quality of education and the qualified staffs make it a good choice for the students. The school has many other branches in other cities as well.


7. Billabong International, Mumbai

Billabong International is one of the best international schools in India. The high standard of education and continuous development program makes this school different than others. The rational and logical thinking development of the school is one of the major advantages for the students. The student learns new approaches of life through activities and other academic processes closely monitored by the school.


6. Podar International School, Mumbai

This is another International school that ensures that the students get accustomed in the society. The school follows the international curriculum but along with that, it trains the student to be part of the diverse cultural and societal environment. It also focuses on the personal, physical and psychological development of the students.


5. Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai

One of the biggest conglomerates in India, Aditya Birla Group run this school in Mumbai and it is one of the best International schools. This school does not only follow path breaking curriculum to educate the kids of the modern science and social studies but also look at the personal and professional development. The best part is that the school looks at all the activities including sports.


4. Pathways School, Gurgaon

This is one of the best international schools in India thanks to the modern development and educational policies. The school, of course, has a premium curriculum for the students. However, it does focus on the various levels of activities as well. The personal and professional level of development for the students is worthy including the exchanges with various other international schools. The environment-friendly campus of the Pathways even has received a certificate from the US Green Building Council. The Pathways School also have a branch in Noida.


3. Mercedes Benz International, Pune

The International School reminds how fast education is changing. The green and vast campus of the school in one of the fastest growing cities in the country develops the students in the independent Intelligence. The best part of the school is that it focuses on the overall student development from physical, psychological and of course the academic point of view. The school is open to the Indians and Person of Indian origin.


2. The Riverside School, Ahmadabad

The Riverside School is known for the quality of education and huge campus. The school has maintained the standard of education through quality staffs and of course technological involvement. However, this stands out differently than others thanks to the additional program that they follow. The School ensures to teach the students about the skills that life need and train pupils on conflict management. The overall development of the student for the societal progress is the aim of the international school.


1. Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai

The school has been ranked number one school in the country for three consecutive years. Nita Ambani as her chairperson has taken this school to great heights and they provide quality education to the students. Though the fee is very high, but if you want your kid to get the best education, then this is the school for them.


Education is the core need of the society. In the modern world, competition has spread to the national and international level. Studying international curriculum alongside the overall development of the kids has become a basic need. These top international schools are making India a better place to study and succeed with modernized academic curriculum and focusing on the development of the students.