Top 10 Reasons For The Syria Civil War

The Syria civil war is one of the worst wars that the current generation is seeing. It has been four years since the war started and till today it is not resolved. Even the UN for that matter, is unable to do something. This war has taken several lives and has made 11 million people and more homeless. Everyday a lot of people are leaving their own country and seeking refugee in other countries. More than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives in this four and a half year long civil war. The war took a great face, when a young kid was seen lying dead on the seashore facing downwards, it was then when the Syrians lost it all and revolted back against the government. There are many reasons for the Syrian crisis.

Here is a list of 10 Reasons for the Syria Civil War

10. Economic Crisis

One of the ten reasons of the Syria war is the economic crisis. The economy of the country is just going down and there are no jobs, no employment and no cash flow as such. The living standard of the country has gone down; hence the Syrian liberals couldn’t take it more and started revolting.

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9. Corruption

It is another reason for the Syrian Civil War. The place is so corrupted and there is nothing that a common man can do about it. The official people bears loyalty to nobody, and even for getting a birth certificate, the common Syrian has to bribe the people. This is how Syria became and there was nothing that was been done to get over it.

8. Clashes between the Sunni and Alawites

The majority of people in Syria are Sunni and then there are Shia and Christians. There is no proper culture. The family of the government in itself is mixed. The man of the family is Alawite and is married to Sunni woman and the family decedents are Syrian Kurds. The major reason for this war is the clashes between these religious groups.

7. Unruly Military Actions

The Military has taken a step forward, ad today they do not really wait for a superior to command them. they do what they feel is right and they started treating civilians like nothing. They are killed, detained, bombed and the army doesn’t give any reasons.

6. Human Rights

There are human rights in the country, like in every country. But in Syria it is a bygone story. Anyone who tries to do anything is detained or killed. There is no right to freedom, expression, assembly or anything. People cannot roam around in the city in a group of more than 4 people, if found, they are just taken into custody.

syria civil war

5. Foreign Intervention

Russia has been supporting the people of Syria from a long time, and other countries are showing support to the other groups of the country. It is no more a war of just Syria, Russia stepped in and so did US who is supporting the other group. And in such a situation it is difficult for the UN to take any step.

4. Militant in Syria

The militants in the country are another major reason for the unending war. A lot of groups like Al-quaeda, ISI are having their own groups and agendas and are fighting in this war and there is just fear in the country.

3. Drought

This is one of the reasons for the Syrian Civil War. More than half the land in Syria is dead and cannot bear anything. It has been affecting a majority of population since years. A lot of people are jobless because of this and there is nothing the Government could do about it.

2. Difference in Ideology

It is difficult to survive in a place where there is vast difference in the ideologies of the people, and all of the aiming for different things. There are Arab Socialism, which is created by the Syrian Baath party and there are other groups. The government did try to change it, but he could not.

1. Presidents Rule

This is the main reason for the Syrian Civil War. Bashar al-Assad is the president of the country. His family has been ruling Syria since 1970. After the demise of his father he took over as the president. They have no intentions in making the nation a democratic country and they continue to rule it. Bashar has made thousands of promises to the people, but did nothing for them, hence the result. They have cruel punishments even for a small offence. And today the president is unable to save his own country.

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