Vin Diesel Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Wife

Vin Diesel is a Hollywood actor who has grabbed the spotlight of Hollywood movies because of his top grossing film series titled “The Fast and the Furious”. He played the character of Dominic Toretto. Aside from being an actor, he also has some other roles in the filming industry. He entered into the world of screenwriting, directing, and film producing.

Vin DieselNet Worth: $145 million (Estimated)

Sources of Income: Just like any other actors out there, Vin Diesel gained a lot of money from his television shows and films. Like for example in his 1998 movie titled “Saving Private Ryan”, he earned $100,000. But in 2013, he earned an unbelievable amount of $15 million from his movie “The Fast and the Furious 5”.

Full Name: Mark Sinclair

Born: 18th July, 1967 (51 Years)

Marital Status: So far, he only has married once, and the lucky woman is none other than Paloma Jimenez. They tied the knot way back in the year 2007, and they are happily living together with their 3 children.

Height/Weight: He stands 5 feet and 9 inches, and weighs 102 kilograms.

Personal Background

Alameda County, California was the birthplace of Vin Diesel. However, he spent his memorable childhood days in New York City. Just in case you don’t know, he has a twin brother named Paul. He and his twin brother grew up without a father figure. His mother, Delora Sherleen Sinclair Vincent, raised them all alone. Since childhood, he never has the chance to see his biological father. And when he tried to ask his mother about his father, his mother didn’t give him clear information. The profession of Vin Diesel’s mother is Astrologer. He admitted that he considers his ethnicity ambiguous, and one reason is the fact that he doesn’t have any idea about his father. All he knew was that he has Scottish, German, and English ancestry through his mother. Even though he didn’t grow up with his biological father, he still felt the love of his theater manager stepfather named Irving Vincent, whom is African-American in ethnicity.

Career Graph

Vin Diesel’s acting career started in the year 1990. It was when he appeared in the 1990 film titled “Awakenings”. After that appearance, he decided to go more than just acting. He did various film-related jobs simultaneously in the 1994 short film titled “Multi-Facial”, which were acting, producing, directing, and screenwriting. His major film role started in the year 1997 with the movie “Strays”. It was an urban drama film where he was a gang leader, but later changed his life because of love. In 1998, he starred in an award-winning Hollywood movie titled “Saving Private Ryan”. In 2000s, he rose to great prominence due to his 2 box office movies namely the “xXX” in 2002 and “The Fast and the Furious” in 2001. In the year 2006, he starred in “Find Me Guilty”, which was a drama film where he played the role of Jack DiNorscio. In the year 2015, his movie “Fast 7” was released and gained a whopping amount of dollars as worldwide gross.