Top 10 Most Dangerous Weapons of Mass Destruction in the World

Bombs are part of an arsenal collectively known as weapons of mass destruction. Weapons such as these have been used in warfare and in combat – often called as such because they are able to kill a high number of people and destroy a vast territory of land almost instantaneously. Not all of the nations of the world have equal access to various weapons of mass destruction. Some nations – like the United States, Russia, and China have advanced weapons of mass destruction. However, less powerful countries have a smaller number of these weapons.

The advancement of science and technology in terms of warfare have greatly improved over the last two centuries. Some of the world’s most powerful nations already have access to many weapons of mass destruction – as these were homegrown and developed by their own scientists and engineers.

This list dishes to you the 10 most dangerous weapons of mass destruction in the world. For lovers of war games and action movies, this list would surely be a real treat.

10. Boosted Fission Bombs

Boosted fission bombs are bombs that are heated stronger than other bombs to produce a greater reaction among the molecules inside the bomb so as to produce a greater effect. This means that the bomb will create a larger explosion and its damage will be more widespread that other bombs. These bombs are more expensive and costly to manufacture than most bombs.

9. Pure Fusion Bombs

Pure fusion bombs may not be as deadly or as damaging as boosted fission bombs. However, it is considered more dangerous and more lethal simply because you can drop more pure fission bombs in one occasion. Pure fission bombs actually create greater damage and are much more lethal and dangerous to life when they are dropped collectively instead of one by one.

8. Radiological Weapons

Radiological weapons depend on radioactive material to exact damage upon a place and the living things found in that location. It does not depend on explosion and fire to create its damage. Rather, radiological weapons release radioactive material that kill all living things within its reach. This has been developed by scientists and engineers in many advanced countries in the world.

7. Toxicological Weapons

This category of weapons is actually very dangerous and is only used in short targets. In this category, toxic elements are released in a specific location which in turn pollute the environment. This causes the deaths of many living things – ranging from humans to animals to plants and water life. It can even pollute the soil and render it barren for many years to come.

6. Napalm Bomb

The infamous and notorious napalm bomb was used by the Americans during their war with Vietnam. The American version of the napalm bomb is actually more lethal because they used magnesium which reacts with water. Napalm bomb kills everything it comes in contact with by burning. Water also produces that burning effect due to the magnesium. It is extremely dangerous.

5. Neutron Bomb

Neutron bombs are bombs that have been manufactured by fairly advanced nations. These bombs actually do not capitalize on its explosion effect. Rather, it contaminates everything it reaches – from living to non-living things. Living things then die a sudden death. This is how lethal this bomb is.

4. Atomic Bomb

This bomb earned notoriety when it was dropped by the Americans during the second world war in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These bombs have the capability to decimate entire cities and wipe out entire populations.

3. Hydrogen Bomb

This bomb was made out of complex engineering and technology. It reaches a wider area than the atomic bomb. Hence it can claim more lives. Only Russia and the United States own hydrogen bombs.

2. Biological Weapons

Many biological weapons have been around for ages. These are very lethal as it actually spreads germs that kill people and succeeding generations – hence wiping out entire families and clans.

1. Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons

These weapons are very similar to the technology used by the Germans in the gas chambers used to kill the Jews of Europe during the Second World War. This is very cheap – only using methane gas or phosphorus. However, it can kill people by the millions.