Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Asia

There are cities in Asia, which are no go zone. It is better to be forewarned than to end up in trouble while on your vacation. But on a lighter note, as compared to other cities in the world, Asian cities are a haven of peace as they do not appear on the most dangerous cities in the world list. So we have just compiled a list of the top 10 no go or dangerous cities within Asia.

Here is our top 10 list

10. Johor Baharu, Malaysia

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

It is the capital city of the Malaysian city of Johor and it boasts to be the country’s second largest city, which is a hub of crime which includes snatch thefts by robbers on bicycles, pickpockets. Common crime areas in this city are Larkin Bus Terminus, shopping zones of Taman Sentosa and Taman Johor, and residential area of Taman Pelangi.

9. Quezon City, Philippines

Quezon City

It is one of the highly populated cities of the Philippines, which is part of the Metropolitan Manila. It has a high crime rate in Asia. Common crimes include killing of menaged between 25 and 50, slum dwellers and jobless people and people who have personal disputes arising from the city karaoke bars. The most dangerous times when these crimes occur are between sunset and midnight. Other crimes committed include rapes, theft,robberies, homicides, and snatching.

8. Manilla, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Though it is one of the hotspot for tourism, it is high in crime rate, which are normally targeted at tourists. They are committed by local gangs or even individual hoodlums who carry out assaults and violent robberies. There is also an improper mismanagement of firearms ownership in this city which leads to increase cases in crimes. Other crimes committed here include the kidnapping of foreigners, violent crimes triggered by excessive alcohol consumption, and street fights.

7. Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

It is the capital city of Mongolia and has a high rate of crime which involves theft, rapes, and assault. There are also crimes against foreigners which primarily involves pick-pocketing, theft of unattended property. The growth of a small national movement in Mongolia has led to physical assault of foreigners to discourage them from investing in the country’s natural resources.

6. Dhaka, Bangladesh


Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Crimes committed in Dhaka include political and religious violence. Some of the violence is triggered by the wide social, economic gap among its citizens and the pressures brought about by the high population. The police in Dhaka is ill equipped thus making it worse to manage the crimes. Common crimes are robbery and banditry, hunger, and poverty induced violence, rape and kidnappings, illicit trafficking in children and women, and illegal possession of drugs and firearms.

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