10 Countries With The Shortest Average Heights

Due to a number of factors such as malnutrition and genetics, the people living in the world have varied heights and weights. In terms of heights, there are extremely tall individuals and there are also extremely short ones. In relation to this, here are the top ten countries with the shortest average heights of their people:

10. Nigeria

The local government of Nigeria is doing their best to find best solution of higher malnutrition cases in the country. The growth of numerous Nigerian children are absolutely hindered by malnutrition specially in the Sahel region. There are around 1.1 million kids in the country who are currently undernourished. This is the main reason why it is included in the list. The shortest average height in Nigeria is 5 feet and 3.75 inches.

9. Iraq

In the past years, Iraq is amongst those thriving countries in the world. Even so, as time went by, it sadly become one of those nations that belong in the “Third World Country”. This is the reason why malnutrition cases among Iraqi children are extremely higher nowadays. At present, there are around 400,000 children in the country who are malnourished. Hence, it is no longer surprising why its shortest average height is 5 feet and 3.25 inches.

8. Malaysia

Aside from the genetic reason, Malaysia also has a very short average height among its people due to higher cases of malnutrition. Several studies conducted by the experts revealed that 12.5 percent of the children in Malaysia is underweight. Moreover, there are around 400,000 children who have slower growth in terms of height, which is 5 feet and 2.75 inches.

7. Vietnam

Vietnam is another nation that is having a serious problem with the average height of its people. Even though its local government is already making some solutions for this particular problem, malnutrition is still a serious case in several regions in the country, which is why it has an average height of 5 feet and 2.5 inches among its people.

6. India

In India, there are several reasons why big percentage on its population is having shorter average height. Some of these reasons have something to do with cultural and environmental aspects in the country. In a particular study conducted by the National Family Health, it was found out that 47.9 percent of the Indian children nowadays is having a slower growth in terms of height due to malnutrition. The shortest average height among the Indian people is 5 feet and 2.25 inches.

5. Peru

Among the entire regions of South America, Peru is ranked on the 2nd place that has shortest average height among its people. Such country has great numbers of malnourished children, and most of these children came from the remote places in the country. Cultural issues, diseases, and famine are some of the reasons of such severe malnutrition. The shortest average height in the country is 5 feet and 2 inches.

4. Philippines

Philippines is another country in the world that has severe issue about the average height of the entire population. A certain study of the Department of Education in the country revealed that there are 1.8 million children in the Philippines who are currently malnourished. It can be confirmed by its shortest average height of 5 feet and 1.5 inches.

3. Sri Lanka

The same with the Philippines, Sri Lanka has 5 feet and 1.5 inches as the average height of its people, which is too short for normal people. Aside from malnutrition, it was found out through several scientific studies that this short average height is  also caused by childhood diseases, cultural factors, and environmental factors.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia has the shortest average height of its people within the entire continent of Asia. The average height of the population in the country is 4 feet and 11.75 inches. It is simply because of malnutrition aside from genetic factors, which happens to be a serious problem of Indonesia for a number of years now.

1. Bolivia


Number one in the list that has the shortest average height of its population is Bolivia. This country is also the number one in the entire South American regions. There is no question about it since Bolivia is amongst those poorest nations that can be found in South America. This is why malnutrition cases are rampant in the country. The average height of its people is 4 feet and 11.5 inches.

These are the top ten countries with the shortest average heights. One big contributor of it is the higher rate of malnutrition in the said countries.

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