Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Europe

Safety is an important feature important factor which is top of priority no matter where you work, live or travel in the world. Using a number of crime related factors, we have come to a conclusion that, UK, France and Italy each have numerous cities which appear on the most dangerous lists. The factors which were used include personal feelings from different people on the level of crime, changes in crime rate, safety walking alone, fears of mugging and robberies, perceived threat of assault of robbery, being harassed, annoyed, insulted or solicited by locals, ethnic, racial and religious intolerance.

Here are the top 10 most dangerous cities in Europe

10. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo is the capital city of Herzegovina and Bosnia with a population of 440,000. Its crime rates are moderate which involves; auto thefts,murders, burglaries, rapes, property crime, and shootings which happen on a regular basis in this largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Petty crimes like muggings and pick pocketing are also rampant in the streets of this city, especially around public transport and tourist hotspots.

9. Glasgow in Scotland

It has a population of 596,000 and its streets have moderate crime rates. In 2013, the Institute for Economics and Peace rated it as the most violent area due to an increase in gangs, knife crimes and drugs; its homicide rates per 100,000 people stood at 2.7 while in London, at the same statistics, it was at 1.67.

8. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

It is an industrial port city in the South Holland province of the Netherlands and has a population of 616,456. The city and its ports are used by drug traffickers who smuggle cocaine into Europe. Tourists who visit Rotterdam usually fall prey of car break ins, pick-pocketing, and theft of laptops, cell phones and other valuables. All these happen in airports, trams, transit stations, especially at night. Zuid is the most insecure place in Rotterdam, due to unemployment, which has led to people there being poor.

7. Coventry, England

It is a city in West Midlands County of central England with a population of around 329,800. The hot spots for criminal activities in Coventry are Folehill, Willenhall, Wood End and Hillfields. The main crime activities include robbery, antisocial behavior, robbery, drugs, theft, burglary, shoplifting, and sexual assault. The average crime per 100 people in this city is 4.78 while that of the UK is 6.57.

6. Lille, France

It has a population of approximately 227,560 people. Lille is the Nord’s capital city. In recent years, the crime rate is on the rise due to high unemployment rate. Report by the Trading Economics shows that youth unemployment in France stood at 25.9 percent. This has caused insecurity in subways as the youth prey passengers, and even sexually assault women.

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