Top 10 Most Beautiful National Flags in the World

5. Brazil


The flag of Brazil was officially approved in 1889. Its green color signifies the fields of Brazil. The yellow specifies the wealth of the nation. The blue color designates the heavens of Rio de Janeiro. This flag was made by the painter whose name was Decio Vilares.

4. Canada


The flag of Canada possesses the colors red and white. Its colors also signify some meanings i.e. “White” states to the equanimity and honesty, “Red” color refers to the power of strength, bravery, power & courage. The authorized Canadian colors were declared in the year 1921 by Sovereign George V.

3. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) flag is essentially a combination of 3 flags stating England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The flag of England comprises of a red color cross on a background of white color. The Flag of Scotland comprises of a white diagonal cross over a background of blue. The flag of Northern Ireland comprises of a red diagonal on a background of white color.

2. Mexico


Mexico flag is of tricolors i.e. green, white, as well as red along with the national fleece of armaments showing in the middle of the white line. The ratio of width to the length of the flag is 4:7. The “White” color in the flag signifies equanimity and trustworthiness, the “Red” color states robustness, courage, power and bravery whereas the “Green” color designates confidence, happiness, and love.

1. India


Indian national flag is commonly known as “Tiranga” is the symbol of liberty of India. It has three different colors horizontal bars of saffron, white and green with the blue color wheel in the middle bar. This wheel symbolizes the Ashok Chakra. This flag accepted in July 1947 The upper saffron part denotes courage, white represents honesty whereas green denotes fruitfulness and wealth.