Top 10 Most Beautiful National Flags in the World

National Flag is not only the sign to identify the nation’s identity but also represents country standards and history. Though the start of the national flag was only a simple way of the sign of any country but with the passage of time national flag of any national symbolize more than that. The symbols and colors used in the national flag of any nation denote the principles of the respective nation, its history, and modesty of his people.These national flags are used as the identification of nations in various global events like international sports, any global summit etc.

Here is the list of 10 best national flags of different nations of the world

10. Australia


Australian flag was introduced in the year 1901 symbolizes the Australia character and its people. The National Flag of Australia has three components on the blue background. The jack displaying on the upper left side symbolizes its relation with the United Kingdom. The only change made in this flag since introduction was the inclusion of the seventh point in the year 1908.

9. Spain


Spain is one of the leading countries of Europe. Its flag has two colors i.e. red and yellow. Top and bottom part are red color stripes whereas yellow in remaining the part. On yellow stripe, there are two white and gold colored pillars on the top and bottom side. These pillars symbolize the pillars of Hercules.

8. United States of America

United States of America

The America flag symbolizes the United States of America. This flag consists of 13 equal size parallel stripes of red and white alternatively. Apart from this, it also contains a blue square with fifty stars over it. These fifty stars symbolize the fifty states in the USA. The white colors in flag represent purity, red symbolizes bravery and last blue indicates perseverance.

7. Portugal


The next flag is the Portugal flag. The 5 blue armors in the flag indicate the 5 Morisco monarchs Don Afonso Henriques crushed in the Ourique fight. The white color protector along with the 5 small blue armors inside is the guard of Don Afonso Henriques.

6. Pakistan


The Pakistan’s national flag was planned by Syed Amir-Uddin Kedwaii. It was actually established on the unique flag of the Muslim Alliance. The Green color in the flag signifies Islam religion, the “White” color indicates the spiritual minorities as well as minority faiths, and the “Crescent” color signifies the growth of the nation.

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