Top 10 Important Major Seaports in India

India is proud of her diverse topography because this topography has gifted us large number of seaports. For international trade these ports act as an important gateway. India has 13 major and 187 less important ports those play vital role in India’s trade and commerce. Each seaport has its own importance in Indian economy. These seaports also attract tourists from different parts of the country and they visit these ports through the year. Here is a scenario of these important seaports.

10. Mumbai Port

Location: West Mumbai.

Mumbai port is the busiest and the largest port in India. This port is famous for its natural deep-water, cargo traffic and jetties. Mumbai port places an important role in India’s economy and its trade and commerce. This port handles Liquid chemical, petroleum products and crude oil.

Export Items: 1.Cotton textiles, 2.Leather, 3.Tobacco, 4.Manganese, 5.Machinery, 6.Chemical goods etc.

Import items: 1.Crude oil, 2.Superior quality raw cotton, 3.Latest machines, 4.Instruments and drugs etc.

9. Visakhapatnam Port

Location: Southeast Coast in Andhra Pradesh.

This port is also known as Vizag port and the second largest port in Andhra. Pradesh. The port is used mainly for commercial transportation. It has natural water basins in the Bay-of Bengal.

Export items: 1. Iron ore, 2.Manganese ore, 3.Spices and wood etc.

Import items: 1. Mineral oil, 2.Coal, 3.Luxury items, 4.Industrial products etc.

8. Chennai Port

Location: North Eastern Part of Chennai.

This is one of the oldest and second largest seaports in India that handles nearly 32 lakh tones of cargo ships.

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Chennai port has a running

1.Terminal Shunting yard and 2. Railways inside the harbor.

Export items: 1.Rice, 2.Textiles, 3.Leather and leather goods, 4.Tobacco, 5.Coffee, 6.Manganese ore, 7.Fish and fish products, 8.Coconut etc.

Import items: 1.Coal, 2.Crude oil, 3.Paper, 4.Cotton, 5.Vehicles, 6.Fertilizers, 7.Machinery, 8.Chemical products etc.

7. Paradwip port

Location: Jagatsinghpur district of Orissa.

It is an artificial deep-water port that has its own cargos and clean cargos. It is situated at the confluence of Mahanadi and the Bay-of-Bengal. The port has its own coal handling plant and railway system.

Export items: 1. Crude oil, 2.Coal, 3.Petroleum products etc.

Import items: 1. Cotton, 2. Chemical products, 3. Fertilizers, 4. Machinery etc.

6. Cochin port

Location: Coast of Arabian sea & India Ocean in Kerala.

India’s fast growing and largest port Cochin has its own Shipyard, Refineries and Kochi Marine. This is the only port in India that has the container trans-shipment facility.

Export items: 1.Tea, 2.Coffee, 3.Spices etc.

Import items: 1. Mineral oil, 2. Chemical fertilizers etc.

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