Top 10 Most Visited Popular Websites in India

A website is nothing but a media for communication with others. It supplies you the information that you want. Every website is rich in content and it helps you in two ways- gives information that you need and helps to complete your important task. In this very moment, there are many Indian websites that help you by giving you information about Indian Context. Roll your eyes with this article and discover what they are. Here is a list of top 10 most viewed Indian Websites-visit these sites and get your important information.


Alexa Global Ranking: 442 Alexa India Ranking: 34 Monthly Visitors: 7.2 Millions

Description: This is the site from media group ‘India Today Group’. If you visit this site you will get detail information about their magazines and channels like Business Today, India Today Magazine, Aaj Tak News Channel. The company started its business in 1975 and India Today International was its first magazine.


Alexa Global Ranking: 431 Alexa India Ranking: 32 Monthly Visitors: 9.5 Millions

Description: HDFC is the India’s 5th largest bank by assets and it was incorporated in 1994. This is the first bank India that launches International Debit card in collaboration with VISA. Card. This is the most preferred bank to its urban customers. At present it has 3251 branches and 11,177 ATMs around 2023 cities.


Alexa Global Ranking: 422 Alexa India Ranking: 30 Monthly Visitors:10.5 Millions

Description: Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy founded this television broadcasting company in 1988. It is India’s one of the best online news portal. The full form of NDTV is New Delhi Television.


Alexa Global Ranking: 402 Alexa India Ranking: 29 Monthly Visitors:13.5 Millions

Description: Info Edge (India) Ltd. founded this job site in March 1997. It is the best site for job hunters and it has registered 35 million job seekers in its database. This site got best classified website India digital awards from Internet and mobile Association of India.


Alexa Global Ranking: 392 Alexa India Ranking: 22 Monthly Visitors:13.8 Millions

Description: This is absolutely an online shopping site for casual and fashionable lifestyle products. The site started its operation in February 1997 and is headquartered in Bangalore. At present, the site is dealing with more than 310 national and international products.


Alexa Global Ranking: 315 Alexa India Ranking: 20 Monthly Visitors:15.2Millions

Description: It is one of the best e-commerce sites in India and is dealing with more than 4 million products of diverse categories. With time the site expands it business to more than 4000+ towns and has more than 20 million registered members.


Alexa Global Ranking: 310 Alexa India Ranking: 16 Monthly Visitors:16.5Millions

Description: At present it is one of the discuss site in India. It is very popular site to internet hungers for its online ad service facility. More than 4.5 million users search this site regularly from 900 cities in India.


Alexa Global Ranking: 245 Alexa India Ranking: 14 Monthly Visitors:17.5Millions

Description: It is the first Indian website that starts its operation in 1996. Beside Rediffmail, it has other products like Rediff Bol, Rediff Locale and Rediff Song Buzz and all these products are very popular not only to the Indians, they are also very popular all over the world. Recently, Rediff launches its new product named ‘Rediff Deal Ho jaye’.


Alexa Global Ranking: 146 Alexa India Ranking: 10 Monthly Visitors:18.5Millions

Description: It is the first and the most popular e-commerce site in India. It is very popular site for electronic products like pen drives, headphones, computer accessories, camera etc. It is one of the best searching sites to the young internet hungers.


Alexa Global Ranking: 104 Alexa India Ranking: 9 Monthly Visitors:19.5Millions

Description: One of the oldest and top search sites in India that started its operation in 1996. It is the site for news, job portal and online shopping and the brand from Times Internet Limited.

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