10 Most Dangerous Earthquakes in the World [Worse Ever]

Earthquake is one of the deadliest natural calamities, which gives no warning before coming and has the power to take toll of millions of lives and cause an equally extensive damage to property. There have been a number of massive earthquakes in the history of the world, which have literally rocked the foundations of the human population.

Here is the list of top 10 most dangerous and worst earthquakes in the world:

10. Kashmir, Pakistan

The terrorizing earthquake with the intensity of 7.6 on Richter Scale, which rocked the Kashmir of Pakistan side on 8th October, 2005 happens to be one of the worst in the world. The death toll crossed 85000, while 69000 more were injured in the quake. The tremors were felt in India, Taijikistan and as far as western China.

9. Kanto, Japan

Japan is the world’s most earthquakes country. Known as the Great Tokyo earthquake, this destructive earthquake which came on 1st September, 1923 had a magnitude of 7.9 and caused nearly 140000 deaths in Tokyo-Yokohama area. It was followed by several fires in the city, which left thousands of homes reduced to ashes.

8. Tabriz, Iran

Another one among the worst earthquakes in the history of the world is the one which hit the city of Tabriz in Iran on 26th April, 1721, causing as many as 80000 casualties in the area. It destroyed several mosques and schools, besides grounding countless homes.

7. Haiti

One of the most destructive earthquakes in the world is the Haiti earthquake of 2010, which had a magnitude of 7.0. The death toll crossed 222000, while nearly 300000 were reported injured. The quake also resulted in a terrifying tsunami in the Petit Paradise region near Leogane.

6. Lisbon, Portugal

Next on the list of top 10 most destructive earthquakes in the world is the one which rocked Lisbon on 1st November, 1755. The estimated magnitude of this huge earthquake is between 8.5 and 9 and the death toll caused by it crossed 100000, with many of them killed by tsunami and fires.

5. Yungay, Peru

A catastrophic earthquake of intensity 8 on Richter Scale shook the city of Yungay in Peru on 30th May, 1971. Nearly 74000 were reported killed in the disaster, while almost double the number were said to be injured and a million were rendered homeless in the tragedy. The epicenter of the quake was under the sea.

4. Sicily, Italy

Another destructive earthquake was the one which hit Sicily on 11th January, 1693, which is considered as the most dangerous in the history of the country. Thousands were killed in the quake and the tsunami which followed it and nearly 70 towns and cities were literally wiped out in the event.

3. Sumatra, Indonesia

No one can ever get over the memories of the massive earthquake of 26th December, 2004 which had its epicenter at Sumatra in Indonesia, and caused a powerful tsunami which affected 14 countries in the South Asian and East African regions. More than 225000 people died, while thousands were reported missing.

2. Rudbar, Iran

The tragic earthquake of Rudbar in Iran, which hit the 100 km area around its epicenter in Rashi on 21st June, 1990, is considered among the worst in the world history. The quake wiped out nearly 700 villages, with a death toll of 40000 and it left almost 500000 people homeless in its aftermath.

1. Nepal

The most disastrous earthquake which hit the region between Kathmandu and Pokhara in Nepal, recently on 25th April, 2015 is regarded as one of the worst in the world history. It measured 7.8 on Richter scale and destroyed countless homes and monuments, besides taking a toll of thousands of lives. Several parts of North India were affected by the massive quake.

The worst thing about earthquakes is the fact that they cannot be predicted, which makes man utterly helpless against them. But they teach a lesson that human race should not fidget with nature as it can bring great harm to them in the form of natural calamities.

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