10 Interesting Facts About Earthquakes That Will Amaze You

Nature is capable of doing anything. And this reality is proved by the Mother Nature by giving the signs and the natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruption and storms. Believe it or not, Earthquakes are the one of the most severe killer of more than millions of people annually and this ration is increasing with the passage of time and with the changed lifestyles and technologies.

There are many questions that may arise in your minds regarding earthquakes. And the answer to these questions could be answered by google. The things that you don’t know are the interesting and fascinating facts about Earthquakes. Here, we are brought up with the 10 most Interesting facts about Earthquakes that you don’t know:

10. Shaking Effects of earthquakes

According to the study of Seismologists, the shaking effect of the earthquake on the one side of the earth can weaken more than the other half of the world. Prove to this study is the massive earthquake of the year of 2004 that triggered the weaken fault zones of the whole world.

9. Oil extraction can cause minor earthquakes

Our changing needs and the lifestyle is affecting the earth in a very bad way and it could be the most important reason of the frequent earthquakes. Oil extraction could be the foremost reason of the earthquakes. The reason behind this science is that oil is present generally in the soft rocks underneath the earth and when the oil is extracted, some rocks move to fill the void that can cause the earthquakes.

8. Earth’s Earthquake Hotspots

Pacific ring of fire is the most geologically active region of the earth. It is surrounded by the Pacific region and touches the areas of Japan, China, Russia and America. And it is the most major earthquake spot that can cause damage to all the countries that are linked with the Pacific ring of Fire.

7. Second to Pacific Ring of Fire

Another false Pacific Ring of Fire is created at the Alpide Belt region that covers the areas like India, Turkey and Pakistan, where the earthquakes occur at the second most frequency after the first Pacific Ring of Fire.

6. The movement of tectonic plates

The planet of earth consists of the several moving plates that are called tectonic plates. The movement of these plates creates the pressure on the earth and to release the pressure, cracks are formed on the surface of the Earth. These cracks and pressure move in the form of waves and this actually called the Earthquake.

5. Earthquake Weather never exists

According to studies by the U.S. Geological Survey, there are no such factors that weather can cause the earthquake and its intensity. Earthquake is not caused by any change in the weather but it is caused by the volcanic eruption, meteor impacts and nuclear tests.

4. The sun and moon also cause tremors

There also some other factors of the earthquakes but they are only some tremors that can be hardly felt. And those factors are the tides of the sun and moon that can cause the minor tremors in earth’s crust.

3. San Francisco is moving toward Los Angeles

Like the two sides of the San Andreas slip pass each other, San Francisco is also moving towards the Los Angeles because of the fault of the Earthquakes. According to the studies conducted, at the rate of 2 inch per year, the two cities are going to overlap each other in few million years.

2. Millions of Earthquakes occurs annually

It is studied that millions of earthquakes occur in a single year but only few are felt because others are minor and are not capable of causing damage.

1. The Longest Earthquake ever

Earthquake can last ranging from few seconds to few minutes. But the longest earthquake recorded ever in the history of about 10 minutes that occurred in the year of 2004.

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