Top 10 Countries with Highest Crime Rate in the World

Whether you want to reside in a country or not, largely depends upon a number of factors, out of which the crime rate in the country is one of the most important factors. A country which has a high rate of crimes like murder, kidnapping, rape, and extortion is not considered as a desirable place to live in. The crime rate of a country is also an index of its law and order condition. How could one just agree on living in a country where the crime rate is so high? Safety is what all of us seek and need. Who wouldn’t want to be assured that you are living in a safe neighborhood and their children go to a safe school? Think about a scenario, where you are always threatened to be out on the streets. Just because there could be anyone robbing you, stabbing you or worse, killing you. I am sure that this is the kind of life that nobody wants or deserves yet it seems to be uncontrollable now that we have entered 2018. It is a shame to say but the reality is that unlike what people from past millenniums thought, life isn’t safe as we grow it only just keeps getting threatening. If you don’t believe all that what I have said, then you must have some insight on the countries mentioned below. These countries are not renowned for famous athletes or humongous industries, but crime. It is an extremely sad thing to say, but citizens of these countries are under constant threat of being robbed of their homes or a gunshot that could just end their lives on the spot.

To know more about these countries and the crime related to them, read the list given below. These are the top 10 countries with the highest crime rate in the world. People here are not just unsafe, but suffering from the very feeling of a dreadful life. And mind you, most of the below-given countries are not the under-developed ones, but power countries that are said to be the most influential countries of our globe.

10. Uganda

Reportedly, Uganda is the country suffering from the highest murder rate, reaching a fearful figure of 92%. Additionally, the country has widespread crime like rape, smuggling, and street fights.

9. Ethiopia

Another country which is included in the list of top 10 highest crime rate countries in the world is Ethiopia, which has a large number of serious crimes such as terrorism, rape, and road accidents, hampering its peace on a daily basis.

8. Zambia

Zambia is a poor African nation, which is plagued by problems like extreme poverty, low standard of living and high unemployment rate. As a result, crime has become an order of the day and criminal activities have reached an all-time high.

7. Korea

Both North Korea and South Korea are facing threats from a foreign country, which is the reason why the security forces are actively deployed to border areas. As a result, the internal security of the country has to suffer, leading to the high crime rate.

6. Poland

The next name on the list of highest crime rate countries is that of the mafia-ridden land of Poland, where street crimes are the order of the day. People are plagued by gangster crimes, accidents, murders, abductions and rapes and the government can hardly do anything to protect them.

5. South Africa

South Africa, with its exotic locales, is considered to be a paradise for tourists, but life can become hell for them, if they fall prey to street crimes like theft, rape and even, murder, as they are easy targets in the country. In the past few years, the crimes in the country have gone up by as much as 70%.

4. Italy

Italy was once considered as one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to live in, but the country is now plagued by serious safety issues, particularly for women living in Southern Italy, which has become a hub for rape and murder. The situation has worsened over this year, with crime rate doubled as compared to 2013.

3. Germany

Featuring next in the list of top 10 countries with the highest crime rate in the world is Germany, which despite its scientific progress and innovative security systems, has been unable to counter the ever-rising criminal cases in the country. Consequently, it is not a safe place to reside.

2. India

The reason behind increasing crime in India is the fact that around 12 million people in India are below poverty line. Poverty makes people commit crimes like theft and robbery in order to feed their families and be able to buy important utilities. Speaking of which, India is becoming a breeding grounds for crime against women. According to a report, one girl is molested or raped within every three minutes somewhere in India. The other category of crime is religiously triggered considering the fact that it is world’s largest secular nation.

1. United States of America

The USA is no doubt one of the most advanced and economically prosperous countries in the world, but it is also a leader when it comes to crime rates. The country has witnessed a 73% increase in street crimes this year, in addition to smuggling and gang rapes, making it one of the most unsafe countries. The crimes in the country have touched phenomenal heights in the past few years. The USA has remained in the limelight, lately, not because of great discoveries or new milestones but because of gun violence. There seems to be no stopping to the rigorous gun violence happening in the USA until and unless the guns are being sold openly.

Crime in any which way is unjust and unfair to the mankind and life. Any crime, big or small, leads to a great disadvantage to the victim. And we duly hope that the governments of these respective countries work sincerely in improving the condition.