Top 10 Commonly Experienced Natural Disasters

All over the world, there are various disasters that occur unpredictably. These things happen maybe because of a certain person or thing or maybe because of natural things that are existing in this world. These are called the natural disasters. Since they are natural, they are very hard to detect in some ways. The only thing people need to do is to be well prepared.

In relation to this, here are the top 10 commonly experienced natural disasters that you should know:

10. Infestation

insect infestation

Without a doubt, infestation is one of the natural disasters that is ever listed. This is the attack of numerous insects that made a lot of people afraid of such as termites, cockroaches, worms, and lice. These insects are generally classified as arthropods, and they are enough to cause a very huge problem in the entire human race. They can be the sources of parasitic diseases that can harm millions of people all over the globe. They can also be the main causes of financial issues since there are insects that can totally wreck out the harvest or majorly damage an whole household.

9. Volcano Eruption

Active Volcanoes

This is a very harmful natural disaster not only to the people who are living near the volcanoes, but also to those people living in far places that can still be reached by the ashes and gases released by the erupted volcanoes. The lava produced by these volcanoes are enough to destroy the beautiful abundant nature and even the entire city that is composed of towering buildings. The smoke that comes out from the volcano can be very harmful to humans when inhaled even just a small portion of it.

8. Wildfires


Wildfires are natural disasters that are commonly experienced during summertime or during those days that the sun is really shining so bright that the entire surroundings become extremely hot in temperature. In can be common to forest-filled places since there are lots of dried grasses and dried tree leaves that can be the main causes of fires there. As we all know, wildfires are enough to burn people, houses, and even crops and vegetations that you have planted. These can also result to massive landslides specially to those sloped areas.

7. Extremely High and Low Weather Temperature

Extremely High and Low Weather Temperature

These days, the sudden change of weather temperature is very common worldwide. This is the main reason why we experience extremely hot weather temperature during summertime and extremely cold weather during winter days. The extremeness of the hotness of the weather has already killed thousands of people worldwide. Heat waves are enough to kill anybody just like what happened in Chicago, USA on July 1995 in which around 514 people lost their lives. On the other hand, thousands of people have already died due to extreme coldness during winter that can cause respiratory, circulatory, cerebrovascular, and cardiovascular diseases.

6. Landslides


Landslide can happen anytime and anywhere in the world specially to those places on higher slopes such as mountains. This is the reason why people who are living nearby mountainous areas are advised to move to some other places since landslides can be threats of their lives. This is common to occur right after heavy rains, earthquakes, and even volcanic eruptions. Landslide incidents are common enemies of the people since these can destroy the entire farms and residential and commercial properties.

5. Drought


If you think that drought is a tolerable natural disaster, then think again. It is a disaster that a lot of sectors in the society are being affected such as the business industry. It is characterized by an extreme deficiency of water supply in a certain region, no matter if it is on the surface or underground. What’s more is that it is completely different to some other natural calamities since it can be experienced over a longer period of time. It can be a month, a couple of months or even a single year. This can result to crop failures and shortages of food supplies, affecting the lives of many people. It can even lead to another natural phenomenon like wildfires.

4. Earthquake


Earthquake is also being referred to as temblors, and this is enough to totally destroy an entire city or any place, specially in cases of higher magnitudes. This natural calamity is characterized by the trembling or shaking of the land. Yes, it is a natural occurrence but science has explanation about it. The main cause of earthquake is actually the happenings when two tectonic plates on the earth crust are shifting against each other. Every single year, there are around 10,000 of people who are killed due to earthquake. And whether you accept it or not, a magnitude 8 earthquake can happen anywhere in the world yearly.

3. Epidemic


Epidemic is actually the situation where there is an unexpected higher number of people in certain place who is badly affected with a particular disease. These are commonly airborne diseases that are mainly caused by deadly viruses such as Anthrax, HIV/AIDS, Typhoid Fever, and Ebola. If preparation for an epidemic to come is not done, then it is expected that a certain place would be in a total chaos. As experienced in the world, epidemic usually comes right after another natural disaster such as flash flood and typhoons.

2. Wind Storm

Wind Storm

The second most common natural calamity that is ever recorded and one of the most life threatening ones is the wind storm. In case you do not know, typhoons and hurricanes belong to this kind of natural disaster. You might not know it but wind storm experienced worldwide might be caused by an extreme rise of the sea level and the alarming condition of global warming. During the last 30 years, experts found out that hydro meteorological related disasters are considerably increasing in frequencies. Tropical cyclones are brutally affecting the lives of the people who are dwelling in low-lying places such as Bangladesh.

1. Floods

The Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004)

Flooding is certainly the most common natural calamity that is experienced in the entire world these days. This disaster occurs due to the disturbance of the river systems’ geomorphic equilibrium. It happened simply because of a number of extrinsic and intrinsic reasons. Places in the world that have no stream are the main victims of floods. One kind of flood disaster that is affecting the world is the flash flood. It occurs in just a short time duration but what is unexplainable about it is the fact that it can happen even without rain indication. In other words, a certain place can be drowned with a considerable amount of water out of nowhere. It is almost like impossible but it already happened many times worldwide. Such natural disaster has been collecting thousands of lives due to drowning and sweeping by some hard objects. Due to a lot of deforestation activities in the world, the occurrences of floods all throughout the years has been increasing into an alarming frequency.

These are the top 10 commonly experienced natural disasters in the entire world. It is so sad to note that there are millions of people’s lives that are being wasted almost everyday because of these calamities. Even so, little did you realize that these horrible incidents are ways of Mother Nature in reminding the entire human race to stop doing bad things to the environment.


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