10 Interesting Facts About Volcanoes That Will Amaze You

The mountain like mounds that we associate with the volcanoes is the fiery manifestations of the Earth’s surface. These are something that instantly gives the idea of the natural disasters and the death’s symbol. Volcanoes are tending to exist between the large tectonic plates of the earth that lies deep inside the Earth.

Of course, volcanoes are more than the mountains as they spit out the molten matter that is called magma when inside the surface of the earth and called lava when comes out of the earth’s surface. Here are some interesting facts about Volcanoes that you might not know.

10. Maleo- The Volcanic Bird

While others become frightened with the name of volcanoes, Maleo comes out for the search of them. The Maleo is the highly endangered species that actually depends on the Volcanoes to survive. These birds remain in the search of volcanoes as their eggs need the geothermal energy to incubate. During the nesting season, these birds remain in the search of the exposed areas of volcanoes where they can lay their eggs to hatch.

9. The Black Lava Volcano

The Black Lava Volcano

As the name implies, the Black Lava Volcano or the Ol Doinyo Lengai is one of the strangest volcano in the world that spits out the black lava or the dark mud like substance with the carbonatite material. This is the only volcano that can dribble out such material however; the lava of this volcano is much cooler than the lava of other volcanoes.

8. Volcanoes as Gods

Volcanoes are often associated with the divinity. This is true for some cultures like the Hawaiians who live in the most volcanic area and they worship the volcano as Gods. Besides Hawaiian people, some Native Americans also worship the Volcanoes.

7. Volcanoes grow quickly

While it is the fact that some volcanoes take thousands of years to grow but on the other hand, some volcanoes can take few hours to grow. Like the Cinder Cone Volcano Paricutin appeared in the Mexican field in the year of 1943. With the single week this volcano gets to the erection of 5 stories. And by the year of 1952, this volcano ended its erection at the height of almost 424 meters that is pretty much quick.

6. Types of Volcanoes

Volcanoes can be of three types. These can be active, dormant or extinct. As the name suggests, the active volcanoes are the ones that have erupted in the past times and they cannot erupt again. While the second type of volcanoes are those that have erupted once in the life and have the tendency to erupt again. The last one type is the extinct one and those are the volcanoes that probably won’t erupt again.

5. Volcanoes are the ultimate disasters

While disasters like floods or tornadoes do not trigger the other natural disasters. But volcanoes are such the disasters that can trigger all other natural disasters like tsunami, Flash floods, earthquakes, rockfalls etc.

4. Active Volcanoes

Active Volcanoes

As described earlier, active volcanoes are the ones that have erupted in the past years and in the current world, there are almost 500 active volcanoes. About half of these volcanoes are the part of the Ring of Fire; the region that is encircles Pacific Ocean and is the one that plays an important role in earthquakes.

3. The Sounds of Eruption

The volcanic eruption can also produce sounds but it can be quite as well. The sounds of the eruption of volcano can be hissing, explosive or booming. And the loud ones can travel hundreds of miles in the world can cause the loss of hearings and the broken glass.

2. The most deadly Eruption

The most deadly eruption of volcano occurred in the Indonesia and that causes the triggering of tsunami, starvations, ash flows along with the muds causing more than millions of damage to life and property.

1. The Gwadar Mud Volcano

The Gwadar Mud Volcano

With the earthquake near the sea floor of Pakistan, there appears the unordinary volcano that spits out the hot mud instead of lava. This mud volcano also dribbles the mixture of flammable gases that makes it dangerous to explode.

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