Top 10 Best Water Treatment Companies in India

In this 21st century where digitalization and globalization are ruling around every corner of the world, people are less aware by the fact of environment degradation associated with it. The digitalization may be making one life a quite simpler and easier but are they aware of the environment. The digitalization where it is a boon for the people side by side, it is a bane for them too. It acutely affects the environment including land, water and habitat diversity of animal. Among this environmental degradation the one that has been acutely affected is the availability of safe drinking water which has been decreased to an acute lower level.

The Indian government has taken many measures to increase the availability of safe drinking water among that one of the measures is to certify or establishing water treatment plant or companies in the major area where the safe drinking water problems are acutely one (For example Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and other metropolitan cities).

But, a good water treatment is really hard to find in today’s world, so here we provided the list of top 10 water treatment companies in India on whom one levy upon.

10. ION Exchange India Ltd.

ION Exchange India Ltd.

In our list top, 10 water treatment companies in India the ION Exchange India Ltd. are acquiring the 10th position. The company was an Indian subsidiary of the Permutit Company UK who sold their holding to India and now it is an Indian based company. The company providing services like water treatment, water recycling, wastewater treatment and other service which includes central drinking water treatment system, rehabilitation, plant automation since from its incubation i.e. from the year of 1964. The company has years of experience and the group of experts who are delivering their service in a most sincere and decent manner.

  • Head Office: Mumbai
  • Official Website:                                              
  • Email: 

9. SFC Environmental Technologies Private Ltd.


SFC Environmental Technologies Private Ltd. with its most high-tech machines and latest technology on water treatment is ranked at 9th in our list. The company uses many modern methods for the treatment of sewage and industrial waste such as C-Tech a radar technology for treating of waste, C-MEM (micro/ultra filtration), C-FLOC, C-Filt, and C-RO (reverse osmosis). The company is operating their pursuit in more than one country which includes India, Egypt, Vietnam, China, Czech Republic, Austria, and Poland. Due to its methods and scientific way of treating the waste has gained the preferences of most people.

  • Head Office: Mumbai      
  • Official Website:                                          
  • Email:

8. UEM Clean Solution

UEM Clean Solution.

The UEM clean solution is an international environmental service company who is in service of providing safe drinking water since from the year of 1973. The company main focus is providing a real solution to wastewater treatment. The company also provides end to end service like the collection of waste water, treatment, disposal by designing, construction, maintenance and operation of wastewater treatment.

  • Head Office: Noida, Uttar Pradesh                
  • Official Website:                           
  • Email:

7. W.O.G. Technologies

W.O.G. Technologies

W.O.G. Technology is the worldwide company who has their current operation of water treatment or sewage in USA, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan, Portugal and other countries. The company provides the sustainable and eco-friendly solution for wastewater treatment. The company deals in pursuit of waste water withholding most expertise professionals and technocrats which help the company to provide the technology-based solution to water and sewage treatment.

  • Head Office: New Delhi                   
  • Official Website:             
  • Email:

6. Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited


It is the sole Indian based pioneer company in providing water and wastewater treatment in India. It provides many products and service like design, building, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and proper management of water and wastewater plants. It also provides desalination of sea water in order to provide drinking water in the area where there is an acute shortage of drinking water.

  • Head Office:  Mumbai                             
  • Official Website:                          
  • Email:

5. Voltas water management and treatment limited

Voltas water management and treatment limited

The company commences its pursuit in India in the year of 1977 as a joint venture with Ames Crosta Babcock, UK. The company provides wastewater treatment and sewage treatment for public water supply and several industries for sustainable development in the environment.

  • Head Office: Mumbai                                  
  • Official Website:                        
  • Email:

4. SIMENS water technologies


SIEMENS water technology is ranked and acquired the 4th position in our list of top water treatment companies in India for its exceptional innovation and quality of service in the field of water treatment and sewage treatment in India since the year of 1969. The company mostly focuses and specializes in dealing with treatment through electrification, automation, and digitization method of water treatment as well as sewage treatment.

  • Head Office: Mumbai                      
  • Official Website:                         
  • Email: Not Known

3. VA Tech Wabag GMBH


The company offers their services in the area like municipal water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment facility in the places like Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Vadodara, Austria, Algeria, Tunisia, Romania, Turkey, and much more. The company establishes and commences its pursuit in the year of 1996 and from very short tenure it started known for its quality and divine service in the field of water treatment and that’s the reason why it is being ranked at 3rd in our list of top water treatment companies.

  • Head Office: Chennai               
  • Official Website:

2. Thermax India

Thermax India

Thermax India is ranked at 2nd position in our list. The company has more than 40 years of experience in the field of treating waste and sewage for sustainable environmental. The company has 19 international offices, 11 manufacturing units and 12 sales offices with solution include water treatment, effluent treatment, desalination and much more.

  • Head Office: Pune                                                                              
  • Official Website:                    

1. GE Water

GE Water

GE water process and technologies are the part GE group, whose main focus is to meet the need of drinking water for the people in India and it is founded in the year of 1892. The company has 50 projects and 20 ongoing projects in India, which are undertaken to develop the municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment, metal removal and at the last monitoring of drinking water quality.

  • Official Website:

Above mentioned are the water treatment companies which helps in treating water purifying it and providing clean water.

How to Choose the Best Water Treatment Company

We have talked about the best water treatment companies. Now it comes to choosing the company. The decision can be slightly difficult if you haven’t done it before. You can check out these points below, and it will help you in making a choice.

Specializations – You need to understand your requirements, and you need to check the specialization of the company. For example, if you have a printing press, then you must have a water treatment setup. You can look at the organizations offering such setup. Similarly, if you have black water, you might want to opt for the companies that offer a black water treatment facility. Some companies specialize in raw water treatment, and you can also reach out to them for solutions.

Setup Size – The next important thing to check is the amount of water you would treat daily. You need to understand the capacity to get an effective solution and plan the water treatment accordingly. There are some companies out there that provide water treatment solutions to municipalities. So based on the quantity, you would need to see what company offers the solutions.

Affordable Solutions – Another point to consider during the choice of company is affordability. This would depend on many factors, but you can still compare the prices of different companies. If you are outsourcing the job, you can compare the price in Kilo Liter capacity; otherwise, you can compare the wholesome cost. The metrics will help you in understanding the feasibility of the solution.

Maintenance Offerings – The next thing to consider is the maintenance offerings. The water treatment setup would need periodic maintenance. Now, you can also check out the companies that offer such maintenance services at an affordable price. This factor will help you ensure that you are not draining your profits on the maintenance of the water treatment setup. You can also opt for minimal maintenance setups that are highly automated, but these solutions are certainly priced at a premium.

Contamination Levels – The last thing to consider is the contamination levels in the water. You must also check the local government regulations on the consumption and release of the treated water. This will also help you define the solutions you need, and it will ensure that you have chosen the right solutions. Considering this factor will also ensure that you do not face any litigation in case of an audit.