Top 10 Best VLSI Companies in India

You put the batter in the oven, set the temperature, press a few buttons and whoosh! the cake is ready. We all know this. The process is that simple. But is it, really? Is a machine really that much simple as it appears? Mostly, no, especially when it comes to electronics. That’s why we understand how to operate our microwave oven but not that how exactly it operates? Well, let’s see how.

Electronics hardware is a complex circuit of tiny chips, integrated with each other by Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), a process most commonly employed. These tiny chips, called transistors or semiconductors are manufactured and integrated by VLSI Companies. There are plenty of them out there. So, we just explored and listed out the Top 10 moguls of the VLSI industry.

So, let’s look into the Top 10 Best VLSI Companies in India. Take in 1 chip at a time!

10. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies

With an expertise in product engineering, HCL services the semiconductor industry in various sectors including but not limited to aviation, manufacturing and automation. Headquartered in Noida, the company is spread worldwide across 26 countries.

HCL works on end to end chip design and “Spec to Silicon” engineering that is highly appropriate for various OEMs and component manufacturers.

Its big name is a creation of HCL itself and it indeed deserved the 2011 Leadership award for the Best Electronic System Design Company in the Embedded systems and VLSI industry segment for second consecutive year at the Silicon India-Mentor Graphics.


9. Trident Tech Labs

Trident Tech Labs

It’s a renowned name of the semiconductor industry. Established in 2000, Trident Tech Labs is a knowledge based tech organisation.

It offers services in HDL Design, verification, synthesis, FPGA/ASIC testing and power solutions.

Apart from Industrial services, Trident provides many academic training solutions for various engineering branches including mechanical, electronics, electrical, instrumentation and production. Furthermore, it conducts many events and workshops for design students time to time. This inclination towards academic sector hand to hand with the industrial services is what makes Trident stand out of the rest of its competitors.


8. Einfochips Limited

Einfochips Limited

To address it as ‘People’s own company’ won’t be incorrect. Einfochips had a humble starting from Ahmedabad and Sylvanale, California, and now it’s booming worldwide like anything. Proving to its entitlement, the company aims to uplift 1 million tribal and rural families above poverty by 2025.

Apart from VLSI, it offers solutions in hardware, software and mechanical engineering.

What makes Einfo so different is its attitude towards its employees. It refers to its employees as ‘Chipmates’. Organises many welcome programmes for the new joinees, allow them to publish their whitepapers and technical blogs and much more. In fact, the employees there review it as one of the best companies to work in industry. What more to say, keep it up Chipmates!


7. MosChip Semiconductor Technology Limited

MosChip Semiconductor Technology Limited

MosChip is a Hyderabad based VLSI Company services the semiconductor industry globally.

To make its VLSI services more efficient, it has recently acquired three firms, elitePLUS, Orange Semiconductors and Maven Systems.

Apart from Silicon chip manufacturing, the company offers engineering solutions to various industries like defence, aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive, medical, mobile communication and telecom.


6. Bit Mapper Integration Technologies Private Limited

Spanning over 2 decades, the Pune-based company shows no sign to stop. After significant contributions in education, defence, research and space, Bit Mapper Technologies is considerably expanding its VLSI services.

Its eye to eye detailing approach gains the company expertise in PCB Based Design, Flexible electronic circuits, ADC Boards, RF Design and mechanical engineering solutions. Bit Mapper also manufactures IC Testers, Mil & Airborne qualified systems and educational training kits.


5. Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems

Cisco, evidently is the largest networking company, not just in India but worldwide, prevailing its dominancy in Australia. Its expertise in designing networking equipment leads them to manufacture networking hardware, telecom equipment and other high-technology products.

Some of the major Cisco products and services include VoIP, Hosted Collaboration Solutions with cloud computing on virtualized Cisco systems and network emergency response vehicles.

The company employs a team of over 75000 software and non technical professionals and regularly features in the Fortune 100 list of ‘Top 100 Companies to work for’.


4. Broadcom Corporation

Broadcom Corporation

Broadcom Corporation is the fully owned subsidiary of Broadcom Limited with its corporate headquarters situated in Irvine, USA.

While it completes its silver jubilee in 2016, Broadcom has created a portfolio of superior quality high end networking products including Graphics processing units, gigabit Ethernet, cable modems, Bluetooth, VoIP, GPS and many more.


3. Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Although established in 1982, Cypress has already embedded its name in golden ink as the pinnacle of semiconductor industry. Cypress Semiconductors is the global player of the industry.

It specializes in memory products, timing technologies, data communication and Personal Communications.

Cypress truly embodies an out-of-the-box thinking with an attitude that demonstrates state-of-the-art entrepreneurship which was planted years ago by the bad boy of semiconductor industry as he is entitled, T.J. Rodgers, the Founder and ex-CEO of Cypress Technologies.


2. Analog Device Inc

Analog Device Inc

ADI, its ‘Ahead of What’s Possible’, but obvious as it appears! As Analog Devices turns fifty this year, the quality of its services have grown more than 500 times since. ADI operates Ireland’s largest R&D Center in Limerick and its  office in India is based in Bangalore.

Along with Robotics Prosthetics, Wearable Technologies, smart agriculture and scientific explorations, ADI offers over 20,000 products and services in VLSI sector.

As many as 2200 patents on its name, ADI has carved such an excellence that will only dig deeper in years to come!


1. Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

The more it creates, the more it shares. With its user friendly communication, internal testing cycles and knife point approach, TI is the epitome of the true leader of electronics industry.

42,000 patents on its name demonstrate more than we can describe about their products and services. Texas’s DLPÒ Technology is just one of their creations.

The main thing is that they hold on to Innovation, integrity and commitment. That’s what lands them on number One, not just in a particular industry but as a whole!


So, what’s your take on the chip making industry? Feel free to share with us.