Top 10 Best Food Processing Companies in India

The food processing company actually uses the raw ingredients to make marketable food that would be very easy to prepare and serve and they use chemical and physical means to achieve that. The food processing involves various processes, which will depend on the type of food prepared. The process used includes pasteurisations, preservation, liquefaction, emulsification, macerating, etc. Every year the food consistency is increased due to the products produced by the food processing companies but there are also many drawbacks. They concentrate on hygiene, efficiency and minimization of waster, even then long term use affects the health.

The list of top 10 major food processing companies are given below

10. REI Agro Products

REI Agro Products

They are one of the leading food processing companies. It was found in the year 1994.  It is a rice manufacturing company based in India. They are known for their production of basmati rice. They have their headquarters in the capital of India, New Delhi. The company has considerably grown over the years and ranks among the top 10 food processing companies in India.

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9. MTR foods

MTR foods

MTR foods is the food processing company that started in the year 1924. The MTR food has been in this business for very many years but they weren’t noticed until they started producing instant mix food which helped in the many busy households. Other than the instant mix products they also produce ice cream, beverage, pickle and energy drinks. They have gone up in the ladder since their start. They are growing company coming up with new innovative products.

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8. Vadilal Industries Limited

Vadilal Industries Limited

It is one the Indian based food processing company, established in the year 1907 and the headquarters is in India.  They are one of the dairy products producers. They have gone to great heights since their opening and are second largest producer of the ice cream in the country. Their ice creams are loved for their deliciousness by everyone.

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7. Rasna International Private Limited

Rasna International Private Limited

This food processing company was found in the year 1993 and has only been producing beverages since then. They produce different kinds of beverages like instant drinks, packed drinks and the like. Rasna is the favourites of children and adults during the summer seasons in India. It has wide variety of products that fits the budget of everyone. They are affordable to every class of people. There is not a single person who doesn’t know the brand name.

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6. Kwality Dairy India Limited

Kwality Dairy India Limited

Kwality Dairy India Limited is a food processing company that started in the year 1992. It produces all kinds of dairy products. They have been a pioneer in this filed and are still a great success in their business.  The company has a special space among the people when it comes to ice creams. They are competing by increasing their range to the satisfaction of the modern times.

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5. Cadbury India Limited

Cadbury India Limited

Cadbury India Limited was established in the year 1824 and has been very successful till now. It has achieved great milestones and it is safe to say that almost everyone in India will have heard and used the products produced by the Cadbury India Limited. They produce products like chocolates, beverages, gum and other dairy products. They very well known for their chocolates among the people of India. It is one of the favourite companies of many people.

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4. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

This company was established much more recently in the year 2000 when compared to the others. It is has its significance not only as a food processing company, but also plays a major part in the medical industry. It produces the famous energy drinks like horlicks, boost, etc. It is an international corporation having spread throughout the world and the main office is in London.

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3. Britannia Industries Limited


This is also one of the companies that were found in India. It was first started in Kolkata in the year 1892 with rather a small investment and then it has grown tremendously over the years. The items produced by the company include bread, cake, dairy products, etc. Ownership of the company changed in the year 1993 and was acquired by the wadia group. The brand name has earned its merit among the Indians and is commonly known and used by everyone.

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2. Parle Agro

Parle Agro

It is one of the best food processing companies found in India owned by the chouhan family. It was established in the year 1886. It produces food, beverages and water. It is specifically known for its biscuits. They are the largest food processing company in India and are known in every household. It is also the company that launched India’s first spice based soda and also the sparkling apple drink.

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1. Nestle India

Nestle India

The company was established in 1866, in Switzerland and since then it has established a great trust and reliability among the people of India. It is a food processing company which produces various products including coffee, water, dairy products, snacks, etc,. It is internationally renowned and has branches in more than 80 countries with adequate employees who strive to give their best outcome. It has four branches in India and has been running for many decades. The motto of nestle is to produce nutritious food along with enriched taste.

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So these are the top 10 food processing company in the country which are famous among the buyers due to their quality product range.

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