Top 10 Best Tamil Horror Movies You Should Watch

Everyone loves horror movies. Right from possessed people to vampires and scary houses, there is something about horror movies that attracts all viewers. While many would not admit to this, people do have a fantasy of encountering a real life ghost or spirit sometime in their life. Many movies depict the dangers of evil spirits and ghosts. Hollywood has specialized in this genre and the Indian film industry has also tried to step up its game in this regards. Bollywood has succeeded in spooking us with many classics like Veerana and Bees Saal Baad, the Tamil film industry (Tollywood) has recently started experimenting with this genre. Tollywood has also created many thrillers and here we list some of them that you definitely should not miss.

1. Aaaah


This movie revolves around a group of friends who meet during their reunion. One of the rich schoolmates draws them all into a bet to prove ghosts exist. The movie then captures the journey of the friends to fives most haunted places around the world.

2. Adutha Kattam

Tired of being ignored by her husband on their anniversary, Rekha decides to leave her husband’s house and drive to her mother’s place. On the way her car breaks down and strange occurrences begin. The entire movie is about incidents that occur in a single night.

3. Amavasai Iravil

This movie revolves around a vampire that haunts a group of friends on a moonless night. The movie succeeds in sending a shiver down your spine. The movie is similar to the hollywood thriller ‘Fright Night’ and the remake does not disappoint.

4. Aranmanai

This movie is about a family that returns to its ancestral property with the intention of selling it. What follows next is a series of supernatural events in the house. Many forces stop the family from securing a deal for the house. The movie ends abruptly without a satisfactory closure.

5. Aranmanai 2

This is a continuation from the first part. After the father slips into a coma at the end of part one, his son returns to the property to uncover the dark past of the family. Many secrets are revealed and the reason for abandoning the property also comes to light.

6. Chandramukhi

The movie is about creepy incidents happening in a deserted mansion, which dates back to a ghost who is back for revenge. This story tests the love of a couple where the girl gets possessed. The movie succeeds in invoking fear into you.

7. Darling

This movie plot revolves around three friends who plan to commit suicide along with a stranger in a house. All goes wrong when they start realizing that the house is haunted. What ensues next is very creepy and ironically, everyone who entered the house with the intention of dying change their mind about it.

8. Darling 2

This story revolves around a group of friends who head to an old estate and one of them falls in love with a girl from the area. The plot thickens when the friends realize that the girl is already dead. While the friend is madly in love with the girl, the other friends try their best to convince him and save his life.

9. Demonte Colony

This is a story of four friends who enter an abandoned house in De Monte Colony and all hell breaks loose. A vampire, that the friends were unaware of, haunted De Monte Colony. The movie then revolves around the efforts of the friends trying to escape alive.

10. Dracula 2012

As the name suggests, the movie is about a vampire who is out to take revenge. The movie is very engaging and the exorcism rituals shown in the movie are amazing. Although vampire movies have been made in the past, this one stands out because of the motive of the vampire.