10 Most Interesting and Unknown Facts about Sonam Kapoor

As far as Hindi cinema is concerned, Sonam Kapoor is a name that cannot be disregarded. This 30-year-old Indian actress was born on June 9, 1985 in Chembur, India. Her acting career began in the year 2007. From that year, she continues to enjoy great success in the industry. She’s actually daughter of Bollywood Megastar Anil Kapoor.

Hence, it’s no longer surprising why Sonam Kapoor also loves working in the same industry with her father.

Sonam Kapoor

If you are thinking that you already know Sonam Kapoor well, then think again. There are still lots of things that you don’t know about this beautiful actress for sure. Here are 10 interesting and least known facts about Sonam Kapoor:

#1. Sonam Kapoor didn’t live in a bed of roses before she became a famous Indian actress. Even her father is an Indian celebrity, she still chose to live an independent life. She worked as a waitress in order to afford the very cause of her living.

#2. She actually comes from a family of celebrities. A lot of people know that she and the ever handsome Indian actor Arjun Kapoor are cousins. Nonetheless, only few people are aware of the fact that Ranveer Singh is her cousin.

#3. She loves dancing. In fact, she enrolled herself in a dance lesson where she was taught with a classical Indian dance. Moreover, it’s her dream to showcase her excellent dancing talent on her movies.

#4. Reading is the best hobby of Sonam even when she was still younger. Despite her hectic schedule, she still managed to spend some time reading books, magazines, and some other reading materials. She already read some fictional books like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. She even loves the books written by Enid Blyton.

#5. Before she became an actress, Sonam is heavier in weight. This is the main cause why she broke up with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend threw some blatant comments about her weight, which provoked her to end their relationship.

#6. She’s extremely close to her male sibling and male cousins. Every time Sonam was bullied during her school days, she always rushed to them and asked for help. Even now that she’s already a popular Indian actress, she still does the same thing when she has a problem.

#7. She promised to herself that she will not tie a knot to a man who is also working in the same industry with her. It is after witnessing the failure marriage relationship of her father and mother. This is said to be the main reason why Sonam doesn’t go to a date a lot of times.

#8. Sanjay Leela Bhansali was the one who convinced Sonam Kapoor to indulge herself in Bollywood. Sanjay said that her entire image is like an Ajanta painting. Even so, 1 and a half year had passed before she decided to accept the offer.

#9. From an overweight woman, Sonam managed to lose 35 kilograms causing her to have a saggy skin. In fact, she only wore boyfriend jeans in one scene in her movie titled Aisha, instead of a sexy bikini that was worn by her co-stars.

#10. She loves to eat all the time since she’s a foodie type of a person. Despite this, she still managed to become one of the slimmest and sexiest women in Bollywood.

If you already know these things about Sonam Kapoor, then you’re definitely one of her diehard fans. These 10 facts are just some of the things that prove how interesting the life of this stunning Indian actress is.

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