Top 10 Best Quality Tyre Brands In India – Most Trusted

Now a day, vehicles are important for day to day life. Either for traveling or transporting goods, vehicles play a predominate role. But for the vehicle to run you need some of the essential parts and the most important of the vehicles are Tyre. So, good tyres are needed to run a vehicle without difficulty and problem.

How to Choose the Right Tyres for Your Vehicle

Tyres are very important when it comes to vehicles and it should be chosen carefully.

Type of tyre – Today there are two types of tyres available on the market, namely the tubed tyres and tubeless tyres. It is best recommended that you purchase tubeless tyres instead of tubed tyres as they are safer and more advanced than tubed tyres.

Size of tyre – Different vehicles have different tyre size requirement, for example, the tyre size of bike and car are entirely different and even within bikes the tyre size of different bikes are different, and tyre size of different cars are different, so while purchasing the tyres check the manufacturer’s specification and then purchase accordingly

Thread pattern – Most of the people are not bothered about this factor; however, thread pattern is very important, it plays a major role in enhancing the safety, the stability, and the performance of the vehicle.

  1. Uni-directional tread – designed to run in a single direction
  2. Conventional tread – designed to enhance stability in waterlogged areas
  3. Asymmetric tread – designed for high enhanced high-speed cornering

Brand – Brands are very important when it comes to tyres; a reputed brand always maintains the product quality high and ensures that the products they market are free from defects. On the other hand, generic brands market their products at a lower price, but the quality of the tyre is not guaranteed

Warranty – As mentioned above, most reputed brands market their tyres with warranty. It is very important that you purchase a tyre with a maximum warranty period. It will always keep you covered.

List of Top Tyre Manufacturing Brands In India

There are many good Brands that have the reputation of producing good quality tyres. Here are the top ten brands that mostly used in India for their trust in their brand name in producing good quality tyres over the year.

10. Bridgestone Tyres


It is one of the most commonly used tyre brand in not only in India but all over the World. It’s a Japanese based company established in 1931 and its headquarters is in Kurume, Japan. As of today, this company holds the top spot among the various tyre production companies around the world. They are well known for the production other automobile parts, industrial products and also bicycles other than the production of Radial tyres for commercial vehicles and cars.

9. Pireli Tyres


Pireli is a tyre company based in Milan, Italy and it was established in 1872. Now, it is one of the largest and well-known tyre company in the world by having almost 160 production units in nearly 19 countries around the world. They are very well known for their production of high quality tyre for the Formula One cars and also produces tyre for other commercial vehicles, cars and bikes. It is also holding the fifth spot in largest tyre manufacturer in the World.

8. Metzeler Tyres


Metzeler is one of the oldest and trust brand for producing good quality tyre around the world. It was angerman based company established in 1863 in Germany. Now, it holds a strong grip in Indian subcontinent regions. It is well known for motorcycle tyres but it also manufactures good quality tyres for other vehicles too.

7. Good Year Tyres

Good Year

Established in 1898, it was a United States of America based company. It is one of the leading tyre brands in India and also around the globe. This tyre is most recognized and leading tyre company to produce Formula One car tyres and it is one of the best tyre brand in that particular field used by various Formula one drivers. It also produces tyres for SUVs, trucks and also producing tyres for Aeroplanes.

6. TVS Tyres

TVS Tyres

It is one of the most trusted brand in India from the renowned Two-wheeler manufacturing company TVS limited. It is established around 1970s. It is producing tyres mostly for Two-wheelers and Three-wheelers. This company has the Turnover of almost 6 billion US dollars every year. It is globally wee-known tyre company and also supplies good quality tyres to leading two and three-wheeler production, including Hero Moto Corp, Bajaj auto and Yamaha India Limited and its own TVS motors limited and some other vehicle production companies.

5. Michelin Tyres


It is one of the most recognized and well-known tyre brand around the world founded in 1889 and its headquarters is in France. It is one of the top three tyre production company in the world and it is one of the most trusted tyre brand for drivers around the globe particularly in India. This company is very well known for its production high quality tyre with all features in a tyre that you ever want. It plays dominated role in the tyre production Industry.

4. JK Tyres

JK Tyres

It is one of the best and top manufacturers of tyre in India. It was established in 1974 and it has its headquarters in Delhi and it also have four production unit in India located in Chennai, Mysore, Kankroli and Banmore. It is also the one and only company offering the entire range of radial tyres of all types of 4-wheeler including buses, cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles all over the World. It is an well-known and most respected tyre brand in more than 80 countries across the Globe.

3. Ceat Tyres


Ceat is one of the leading tyre manufactures in India founded in 1958. It also has some strong domination in the Global market. It was a Mumbai based tyre company with six manufacturing plants all over India. It makes tyres for most of the motor vehicles, including cars, bikes, trucks, auto-rickshaw, buses and SUVs. The total production per day from the six plants are more than 100000 tyres. And it also signed Indian Star batsman Rohit Sharma, as their brand ambassador.

2. Apollo Tyres


It is one of the most respected and very well acclaimed tyre brands in India. It is the 17th largest tyre manufacturing company in the world. It was founded in the year 1976 at Gurgoan, Haryana. It was one leading tyre suppliers in European countries. It produces radials for buses, cars, bikes and other commercial vehicle like trucks.

1. MRF Tyres

MRF Tyres

MRF is one of the oldest tyre producing company in India and it is established a year before Indian Indepence that is 1946. It has its headquarters in Chennai, Tamilnadu. It supplied high quality radials to vehicles in our country. It is also one of the leading tyre manufacturer for passenger cars, but also provides tyres to buses, trucks, tractor and also some of- road vehicles. Not only tyre, they produce other rubber products like conveyor belts and toys.

There are so many tyre brands all over the world but these ten are the most trusted and respected tyre brands in India.

How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle Tires?

A tire can last thousands of miles if properly maintained, be it your scooter, car or motorbike. Since tires touch the ground, they have to go through smooth and rough roads. To maintain the durability of the tyres, along with their safety, tires should be checked daily. However, the duration of a tire can be affected by numerous aspects, including the driving practice of the user, type of vehicle, and nonstop driving duration. If you are not aware of how to extend the life of your vehicle’s tyres, check out these tips:

  1. Bloated the tires Properly

Less bloated tires are more likely to burst and wear out even faster. Also, such tires create unsafe driving conditions and increase gas consumption. To prolong the life of the tyres, it is essential to maintain adequate tire pressure. It is advisable to check the user manual of your vehicle to know the correct psi for the tyre. Every time you go to the petrol pump, ensure the psi using a tire pressure gauge & fill them accordingly.

  1. Cleaning is must

The second job is to clean them which protect them from UV rays and dirt. To prevent a build-up of corrosive dirt on tires, you should wash them frequently. Similarly, you might also consider applying a protective layer of any product to protect the tire from dangerous UV rays.

  1. Tire Alignment must be checked

Misalignment can affect the life of tires as they wear out quickly. Tires alignment should be checked at a regular interval in each workshop. This will avoid speed tread wear on components and help the tires last longer.

  1. Inspect tire treads regularly

Step wear can cause tires to wear out so they should be replaced quickly. Regular inspection will help determine whether tires may be affected by wear trends. Otherwise, your tires will be damaged. That way you get them fixed right away and can identify bad wear patterns.

  1. Avoid Rough Driving

Driving patterns have a great impact on tires life. To extend the durability of your tires, you should drive and park your vehicle carefully. And try not to have road contact with rough roads.

  1. Check the Suspension and Wheel Components

The condition of suspension and wheel components affects the overhaul life of tires. Irregular wear and tear occur in tires due to the poor condition of wheel bearings. Hence, your car needs to get the proper service at a regular duration to maintain the durability of tires.

Tubed vs. Tubeless tires: Which Is Better?

Tubeless tires are new to the world, but within no time, they become commonplace and the vehicle owner’s first choice. Most of the new two vehicles come with tubeless tires to ensure that the owner gets a great riding experience. The demand for tubeless tires is gradually increasing and overtaking tubed tires. Let’s see which one is better: tubed tires or tubeless tires:

Pros of Tubeless tires

  1. Safer during punctures

If an object penetrates the inner liner and moves, air only escapes from around the wedge while the valve remains intact. Liquid sealants can also be used to seal tubeless tubes, making a temporary repair if a puncture occurs.

  1. Extended preservation of air pressure

Tubeless tires are far by better than tube tires, especially in terms of tackling punctures. This may be due to its better resistance. If a tubeless tire is punctured, it does not lose air pressure as quickly as tubed tires. Additionally, the valve remains unbroken. These tires let the air out slowly, allowing the vehicle to be driven for a reasonable distance which is sufficient to reach the destination to repair the puncture.

  1. Longevity and Maximum Durability

As tubeless do not have a tube inside and are made of a stronger compound, they offer much greater resistance to cuts and bruises. They will last a long time and be beneficial for the money.

  1. Highly Durable

The unavailability of the fragile tune makes tubeless tires highly reliable and powerful.

  1. Enhanced head debauchery

It has better heat debauchery as the air is in direct contact with time. On the other hand, tubed tires can overheat due to friction between the tire and the tube. Also, since the rim directly interacts with the air, it helps cool the wheel, which gets hot as the car moves.

  1. Lightweight

Of course, the lack of an inner tube makes tubeless tires lighter. The lower the tire weight, the lower the rolling resistance. This can result in increased feel, drive quality, and fuel economy.

  1. Extreme safety at high speed

Tubeless do not deflate immediately when punctured, making them much safer even when riding at high speeds. Also, they have fixed air pressure throughout the tire to ensure maximum stability at high speeds.

Cons of Tubeless Tyres

  • To conserve air, the tire needs to be flat and airtight against the rim, and tubeless tires take longer to fit than regular tube tires.
  • Professional help is also needed to make sure the rim is not damaged.
  • If heavily damaged, these tires will require quick replacement.
  • In terms of affordability, tubeless tires will cost more than tube tires.

Pros of Tubed tires

  • One of the significant benefits of tube tires is that they are more affordable than their counterparts of tubeless tires.
  • These tires are typically made of a soft material, which is why they offer extreme grip and stability over the road surface.
  • For spoked wheels, it is good to have tube tires.

Cons of Tubed Tires

  • Less durable
  • Overheating due to friction between tube and tire.
  • An unexpected loss of air pressure, in case the tube is punctured.
  • Lack of instability in case of high speed
  • Increased weight.



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